100 dollar loot!


My loot’s arrived!  Since Aissa has a cousin in the states whose husband just so happens to work for DHL, we were able to get my loot in the states today!!!  Hooray for DHL!

These are the days when being a budget geek makes me happy, as all the stuff you see there was bought for a hundred bucks or less!  That’s right, my new Zune 30, Fujifilm Finepix f650 (5x optical zoom and 6MP) both cost 100 dollars each, the zune premium earphones were bought at 11.99, and the Mouse guard graphic novel…well that was 24.95 but it was a gift from Aissa so it doesn’t really fall under budget geek tech.  I can’t wait to play with my shiny new toys!

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One Comment to “100 dollar loot!”

  1. My cousin sent it in a box that’s about 11 x 8.5 x 5.75 inches. Apparently it’s a flat rate of 100 USD (but we’re only paying her 33.58 because of her husband’s employee discount) for that box regardless of weight! We could’ve stuffed more things into it! Aside from your stuff there were also a couple of graphic novels in it, which you get to borrow. 🙂

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