Love and Hate : Zune 30


That’s right, this special edition of Love and hate is brought to you by the Zune 30, which I’ve been playing with for a few hours, at least enough time to form some opinons on it.


  • It’s sexier than it looks in pictures on the net, and I’m loving the “doubleshot” and matte finish
  • The HUGE screen.  It’s not an Ipod Touch by any means, but coming from the Zen it’s a huge improvement
  • Seamless video conversion and syncing
  • The packaging, as it’s the sexiest I’ve seen this side of Cupertino
  • The podcast library in the zune marketplace is HUGE, and could potentially make it easier for me to download my favorite podcasts
  • If you accidentally remove your earphones, it pauses automatically so you don’t miss anything
  • Upgradeable firmware, so you’re always up to date with the latest features
  • The screen and slideshow software make it a pleasure to show off pictures
  • customizable desktop backgrounds
  • beautiful and user friendly UI
  • Powerful FM radio antenna, on the days I feel like tuning in to terrestrial radio


  • The Zune Premium earphones make me dizzy, my ears weren’t meant for in-ear earphones
  •  The foam of the regular earphones rips too easily, I may have to stick to my trusty old senns
  • Zune’s file transfer software makes me uncomfortable, since I come from using an iRiver that has direct transfers and a Zen that has a simulated drag and drop style transfer
  • I’m starting to get used to it, but the way the Zune turns on and off disturbs me, as I am not used to machines with instant  on and off without an announcement that they are “shutting down” and taking their sweet time doing so

3 Comments to “Love and Hate : Zune 30”

  1. “If you accidentally remove your earphones, it pauses automatically so you don’t miss anything”

    – Huh? Ngayon mo lang ba to na-experience? 😀 4th gen iPod pa lang meron nang ganitong feature eh. hihihi…

  2. Yeah I had a feeling it was a trait copied from Apple. Ewan, none of my old mp3 players had that so it was a plus for me!

  3. ano namang ka-olats-an to? 😀

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