Shaq traded to Suns! Marion headed to Miami.


What the fuck?  I mean seriously, whereas Pau Gasol’s trade to the Lakers was seen as a terrific move (for the Lakers) this blockbuster trade has NBA fans scratching their heads and saying wha-huh?  Check it.  The Suns run and gun play has been their their style for the past few years, especially with Steve Nash and coach Mike D’Antoni on board.  The past three seasons have seen them reach the finals and semifinals of their conference, with each playoff going down the wire and destined to be replayed on classic NBA.  But they never made the finals, and now they’re slowing down their game by trading Marion and Marcus Banks for the aging diesel, reminiscent of Golden State signing up Chris Webber’s bad knees recently.

Sure this gives them a legitimate 5 and Amare can go back to being the 4 that he really is, but adding Shaq to the Suns is like letting the air out of the fastest car in the world or shooting a sprinter in the kneecaps.  Even if Shaq gets healthy, I don’t see that this will be good for the Suns.  But on the bright side, Dwayne Wade won’t want to kill himself after every game anymore.

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