Jun Lozada’s a funny guy


Jun Lozada, star witness against the First Gentleman Mike Arroyo and former comelec chairman Benjamin Abalos, apparently has a sense of humor. He looked tired, weak, and genuinely exhausted but managed a joke while being grilled by senator Pia Cayetano. When questioned about his talent to “mitigate greed” and his knowledge of the government’s procurement system (with which anyone who knew it well could abuse it for improper gain), he had this to say:

“ah, idadagdag ko lang na talentado ako, hehe.”

In English “I’d just like to add that I’m talented.” Talentado’s also a pun on the Filipino word tarantado which roughly translates to “jerk”,”prick”, or “cockmuncher” in english. The fact that he has such self awareness in acknowledging that his knowledge of the government’s procurement system made him an accomplice in the aforementioned “greed”, makes him a little more genuine in my eyes. At the very least a lot more genuine that say, Chavit Singson, who whistleblew Erap into house arrest.

As an aside, this might be strange but I find Pia Cayetano attractive. She has very good fashion sense.


8 Comments to “Jun Lozada’s a funny guy”

  1. i understand that mr. lozada is partly telling the truth bt i dont understand why he is acting like an angel who is so clean.

  2. you are such a jerk, yeny. how would you say he is acting like an angel when the man told he is “talentado”?

  3. He already admitted that he’s dirty too, that’s he’s the clean up man. That implicates him already. I don’t think he’s acting like an angle that’s clean, but like someone who’s been pushed over the edge and is afraid of the consequences.

  4. To Yeny –
    He admitted his faults and mistakes on national tv. So, he is not acting like an angel like what you said. He is just too tensed and too scared that he might not be able to live one more day if he squeals. But he took that risk and i salute him for his courage. Most people find him credible and my entire clan is one of the many people who believes in him. On the HARAPAN in abs-cbn, 91% of people voted that Jun Lozada is credible.

    Mabuhay ka Jun Lozada!

  5. I watched Harapan at parang hindi naman credible si Jun Lozada.. eto nalang ah how can he say he wants to experience on how tolive like a rich man nung nasa Hongkong eh kayang kaya naman nyang makaafford ng golf clubs payments sa wakwak … duhh.. dun palang masasabi mo nang may mga kahalong mga agenda si lozada..nag papaeppect sa mga sinasabi ..hay.. pati body language ni Lozada parang may halong hindi ko mawari.. ang yabang nya sa Harapan at very unprofessional … parang hindi CEO ang pag asta nya..

  6. Are the senators grilling him to their own ends any more professional? Just saying. He’s not innocent and he never said he was, but if he brings them all down with him then that would be great!

  7. ei you dont understand, tao lang din siya, as he said he also got tempted do you really watch that program? dude! he’s sayin the truth.be in his position so you know what’s his situation.

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