Spore sounds amazing.


Spore and the things you can do in it sound absolutely amazing.  There’s too much for me to tackle in a post, but here’s a scenario: Say you have a creature, then you send out that creature to explore other planets while you maintain control over your home planet.  If at some point you decide to explore other planets, there’s a distinct possibility that you might see a form of your creature that evolved in a radically different direction than you had intended, because other people’s planets would have had a different effect on them.  Or for example, when dealing with an alien species your choices are no longer to simply choose diplomacy or war, you can do things like attack their food supply to make them weak or distract them with gifts and entertainers so much that they’ll forget to upgrade their military capabilities and fall easily to your army!

Read more about Spore here and listen to the guys on GFW radio discuss it in their podcast here.


One Comment to “Spore sounds amazing.”

  1. I’ve played the game. In fact, I was so pumped, that I preordered teh Galactic edition and now have played it through. It IS fun. The multi-interface gameplay is a lot of fun and an interesting concept. I enjoyed it, although once you hit the space stage there’s not a whole lot left to do. I traveled to the core and experienced events that I won’t talk about so that those who would like to play can find out themselves, and thereafter it isn’t a long lived entertainment factor. It is still fun to make creatures buildings and cars and whatnot, though.

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