Oblivion is on the way!


My copy of Oblivion is in the mail! I spotted it in ebay for 300 pesos and instantly got it. For an original game 300 pesos is dirt cheap. I still have very fond memories of playing Morrowind, so finally getting my hands on the follow-up to that games is phenomenal, even more so now that I have a video card that will eat the shit out of it ( or at least display it with respectable settings).

The beauty of both these games is their ability to insert you into a fully realized world, with its own politics, guilds, clans, and whatnot, then it allows you to do whatever you please. I played probably 40 plus hours of morrowind without even touching the main storyline, but had loads of fun just running around the world and exploring places that I’d never been before. I described it before as a single player MMO, where there was no one around to ruin the illusion that you really were in this fantasy world. In the span of time I’d played I’d discovered numerous cities, become the head of the fighter’s guild, had numerous warehouses scattered across the continent, and in short lived a fantasy life that I’d only imagined in books before. It sounds geeky as all hell, but dammit if it wasn’t one of the purest, most spectacularly immersing gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

Here’s hoping Oblivion will capture that magic.


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