Changing the Philippines starts with love, as cheesy as that sounds

Cliff: All Arroyo wants is to take care of herself and her corrupt little brood. So why is she any worse than any of us then?

Found this on a blog, and it holds more truth to me than the “inter-faith” rally that was held last friday.  How indeed is GMA worse than us, when she’s merely practicing what every Filipino has been brought up to do, which is to take care of family first, above all else.  Maybe friends as well, but that’s already pushing it.  Everyone else can go to hell.  Don’t deny it.  You may not be one of them, but the majority of Filipinos feel this way, and it’s one of the roots of our current situation.  Rallies won’t solve the political crisis, only a cultural shift in thinking will.  Once every Filipino starts trying to take care of every other Filipino, that’s when the change will occur, in tiny increments.


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