Game idea stream of thought

A game about mice and politics.  You run a nation of mice.  Your mission is to improve the standard of living so you can join the international league of creatures.  Mice, because mice are cute, and the game must be cute. The game is subversive.  The game will fool children and their parents into thinking they’re buying a kiddie game but in reality its a very serious game about politics and family and how the two can intertwine disastrously.  Economy is nuts and berries.  Every so often a mouse in your family will approach you asking for a government project he can skim berries off of.  This happens frequently.  If you refuse them, they will try to raise a rebellion against you.  If you give in to them, a whistleblowing mouse will appear out of nowhere and crush your credibility, and a rebellion will ensue.  There are no easy answers.


2 Comments to “Game idea stream of thought”

  1. I’d play this game! You should pitch it to Trevor.

  2. Oh oh oh! I can see the sequel now. It’ll be about the politics of the international (interforestial?) league of creatures, as the mice struggle to protect their nation’s interest from the greed of the other animals. They form an alliance with the bears!

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