No actually, you’re the ones who don’t seem to understand

This rant was brought about by my annoyance at some Israeli kid telling the BBC “What people don’t understand is that kids 14 years old, 15 years old, 16 years old, high school…kids…died here yesterday…very hard, I saw my friends die, yesterday evening…” after 8 students were shot in a Jerusalem school.   Afterwards, their headmistress lambasted the Islamic religion, saying their commandments are all about killing and killing everyone they can, while the torah encourages them to do good things for other people.

I guess someone needs to tell the Israeli military to go read their Torahs then, since their continuing attacks on Palestininans which kill men, women, and children as young as a year old indiscriminately make the body count of the school attack pale in comparison.  They say it is their right, because they are protecting the Israeli nation, to kill as many people as they can to get to a handful of terrorists.  And all the while they forget they are merely sowing the seeds of another terrorist cell, as children who watch their families die resolve to take up arms against the perpetrators of the crime visited upon them.

I’m not saying what that man did was right.  I understand the shock of an incident like this can cause people to say stupid things.  But if the Israeli nation refuses to acknowledge its sins, then there will never be a bridge towards reconciliation, and the war will never end.


One Comment to “No actually, you’re the ones who don’t seem to understand”

  1. Retaliation never has an ending!
    The world needs to step in and put and end to this debacle.
    It’s the voices of ordinary people that need to raise up to a crescendo. Probably!

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