You’re deaf, not retarded.

So in England there is a debate about deaf embryos.  Essentially the government is saying that any embryos to be born using IVF (in vitro fertilization) should be genetically screened for defects such as deafness.  Some deaf people are up in arms about this, saying well what if we want deaf children?  Mr. famous deaf man, who I won’t name because I don’t want hordes of angry british deaf people pounding at my blog-gates, says that he doesn’t feel that deafness is a disability, and there is a rich deaf culture and that it’s tantamount to discrimination to force him to choose a non-deaf child, never mind the fact that most rational people would want their children to be better than they are.  To have all 5 senses instead of 4.

Let’s get this straight.  Deafness is a disability.  It is a physical handicap.  It’s not an imagined inferiority like being black or gay, it’s the fact that you can’t us one of your 5 basic senses and is entirely different from having a cock and wanting more cock and being a darker shade of brown. I don’t pity or condescend towards deaf people, nor do I openly evangelize the beauty of deafness.  It is good to integrate deaf people into society, it is good to treat them as regular people with regular jobs and regular lives.  I’ve heard that people with disabilities have better sex because their lack of one sense makes the other senses richer.  But you cannot impose deafness on an unborn child just because you feel that it’s your right to do so.  It’s the same as choosing a non-deaf child.  It’s discrimination to a higher degree because you’re selecting a specific trait, ie deafness, to impose on your child.

I mean seriously, if I was going to pick some shit to endow my child with, I’d go for long schlong or sculpted chin, not fucking deafness. In the end, couple going for IVF should have the same chances as a regular couple, just pick a random embryo and deal with the result, whatever it may be.  Shit I almost hope that deaf dude gets a blind kid, see how that works out for him.


7 Responses to “You’re deaf, not retarded.”

  1. I so agree with you. It’s funny how people (normal or impaired for that matter) can be so ridiculously unreasonable.


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