A rant

Because I have no other recourse but to share it with the world, I will now share a message from a certain mr318 on TipidPC (the bold words indicate my messages):

> > > If you’re really interested in the PS2 please PM
> me.
> > > Pasensya na at napapagod na kase ako makipagtext
> sa
> > > mga humihingi ng last price.

> >
> > sori sir but I deal thru texting. im not always
> > online, thats why I need to get your contact
> details.
> You don’t have to be always online. Kung may tanong
> ka about the item sana tinanong mo na sa message na to
> diba?
> Are you interested in the item at the price listed?
> Are you willing to pick it up or do a meetup in my
> area?
> If the answer is yes to both questions, then I’ll give
> you my contact details and we can set up a meeting.
> Pasensya na talaga pero ilang beses na nangyari na ang
> daming nagtetext na tumatawad lang. Sayang lang load
> ko. Kung sure buyer ka na then I’ll give you my
> number. If you have questions just ask me here. Di
> naman ako nagmamadali at wala naman pupuntahan yung
> PS2.
> Thanks for the interest in the item.

sir, i would suggest that you do not sell your item here at TPC if that s your mentality. Of course, buyers here in TPC would try to negotiate a price with the seller. That’s the why the site is called “TIPID” PC. Negotiating is part of the buy and sell business. Use your COMMON SENSE sir.

And also, you have the option not to reply to the messages that you receive asking for a lower price. Kung ayaw mo mabawasan ang load mo. But that’s not how the buy and sell business goes. Both parties are investing their “PISO” for each questions they raised via SMS. So dont be a selfish MOFO na akala mo eh ikaw lang ang nagagastusan sa pag text!

I REAPEAT, buy and sell business always comes with NEGOTIATION.

If your not willing to negotiate then include this in your post “PRICE IS NON NEGOTIABLE” “PICKUP ONLY IN MY PLACE, NO MEET UPS” “NO REPLY MEANS NO”

Good day sir.

Good day indeed. After fuming for about 30 minutes and looking for a way to report his abusive (well of course I don’t feel abused I just want them to ban the motherfucker) message, I decided to post it here as a form of catharsis. The irony of this situation is that I’ve been dealing in TipidPC for quite some time now, and all my feedback has been positive, if not glowing. Consider:

One Positive Feedback for One Truly Great Guy!

Sir Ryan is truly one great seller here at TPC! He’s very professional when dealing with his customers, in that, he makes sure that everything is in order and confirmed, so as to make sure that there would be no hassles with both the seller and buyer (in this case, he was the seller and I was the buyer). He’s also super updated when it comes to his location, so as to make sure that both would be able to meet up properly. Furthermore, he’s also very kind and friendly to whomever he has deals with, as in, he’s super approachable even though he was in a bit of a rush due to his busy schedule. And last but definitely not the least, his items are in super top notch condition, yet their prices are unbeatably cheap! In fact, he even gave me a testing warranty for his items, yet he assured me that all of them are in full working condition. But, a first-hand look at his items are enough to warrant their conditions! Add that to a great discount that I got for buying in bulk, and viola, one great deal! πŸ™‚

So guys and gals, never ever hesitate to deal with this great seller! Indeed, two thumbs up for this guy! Hope for more deals to come! πŸ™‚

P.S. Thanks a lot for the games! I’ll be testing em n lng as soon as I have some free time on my hands! Ehehehe, mejo busy pa kse e. πŸ™‚ In any case, all of em looks great nman! I’ll take your word for it n lng na all of em are in full working conditions! Thanks again! πŸ™‚

Of course, the sheer positivity of that feedback made me a little bit nervous in its profuseness, but I think you get the drift. No one who’s dealt with me has ever had anythign but good to say about me. I don’t like doing bad deals, regardless if I’m the buyer of the seller.
Back to the irony. Mr318, who says I should change my “mentality” and stop posting items on TipidPC, has been a member since May 19, 2008 11:23 PM, and has had no transactions or deals within TipidPC whatsoever. You stupid Kris Aquino-loving monkey, why don’t you fucking back your shit up with some feedback before you go around telling people to get off a site?
Rant over.

3 Comments to “A rant”

  1. Hayop. Tigas din yang naginquire sayo a. Haha.

  2. Yeah. I got so pissed I went ahead and contacted this other guy and told him I’d sell the PS2 at a discount, just to spite mr318.

  3. takte pala yan baka nga sya di makabenta o makabili e..or baka isa yan sa mga tumatawad at nafrustrate na because he is really so desperate to get his hands on that PS2 and he doesnt seem to have the appropriate budget for it in the first place

    At saka noob pala yan e, natural hindi lang naman piso ang nawawaste sa mga transactions, it includes your time specially if you’re a very busy guy. baka kasi sya tambay lang kaya may time sya lagi mambwisit ng sellers.

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