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I’ve refrained from writing movie reviews for a while, but after watching Urduja, I felt compelled to write this.  Urduja was…disappointing.  It epitomizes everything that I hate about Filipino cinema, all of the overacting and the bad jokes and actors who think they can sing.  The story is simple enough and easy to understand, but the dialogue sent shivers down my spine, or caused uproarious laughter at all the wrong times. The jumping to and fro between mangled english and tagalog also annoyed the hell out of me.  I can safely say that Urduja is one of the worst movies I’ve watched in a long time.

However, the animation itself is not bad.  I’ve been studying animation and composition in movies lately, and it was nice to see that these guys know their stuff, apart from the random slow mo effect or levitation.  Some of the animation sequences were very fluid, especially those involving the snake and the pirate chase scene.  The character design needed some help though; you know you’re in trouble when you don’t find the animal characters cute.

Unfortunately the sound design also lets the movie down.  You know how in those chinovelas and koreanovelas where the dubbing of the voices overpowers the background music?  That’s how it sounded.  Hell, the movie could have done with better direction, and the truth is if they had a bigger budget and more time, I’m sure this would have been a much better film.

But it’s not.

I do encourage you all to see it though.  I really hope it makes money, because that’s the only way these folks can get another project and make it better.  I’d encourage everyone to see it, and look at it critically.  Don’t praise it just because it’s Filipino, just because everyone worked so hard to make it.  No animated film is ever created with out the sweat and tears of hundreds of animators.  If other animated films don’t get a free pass, neither should Urduja, because if we never hold it up to the standards of others we’ll wallow in Philippine mediocrity forever.


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  1. One of the few reasons why I don’t watch most filipino made films. It’s almost always a let down.

  2. Most of Urduja are really disappointing. I think you really pointed out those things very well. However, I disagree what you said about the animation and the composition in this film. Though I really praise the artists and animators of their stuff, they still have a long way to go to create a worthy animated feature film. This entire movie – to me- looks like it will work ONLY for television, where most of the characters in the film takes too much of the negative space of the frame. Most of the shots are all HALF SHOTS (characters shot from head to mid-torso) and to top that, most of the camera shots look as if they are shot on the ground (Sitcom shots, like the camera stayed in one place as in a television sitcom). Clearly that the animators may have the time to make this but still lacks that knowledge to make the camera angles the way Hayao Miyazaki and Akira Kurosawa (or their contemporaries) would do.

    The dialogue as you pointed out was awful. This is another reason why they should put this out on local TV instead. At least they will get huge advertising sponsors on the small screen if it came out as a Christmas special.

    Personally, I really do hate those musical numbers. It’s very inappropriate. The score (made with an outdated synthesizer) make this a really cheesy thing to watch…and painfully to hear as well. When I first knew the Urduja animation, I imagine and expect that in this film she would be a bad-ass fighting chick like Queen Bodicea…with a bit of Miller’s 300 put in there. But no….I got Bollywood instead.

    Animation here still has a long way to go.

  3. Call center guy – Still, watch it and find out for yourself. Preferrably in a really shitty cheap cinema so you don’t feel too bad about the money you spent.

    Garuda – Yeah I agree with what you said about the animation. There were a few scenes though, like Urduja kneeling in front of her father and framed by the arch of the entrance to the hut, that were well done. That said, it does feel like there wasn’t much depth (ie depth of field) to it.

    I think it shows a lot of promise though. That’s why I hope this makes money, so they can keep getting better. But if they make another movie and it’s another piece of shit…

    The part where Cesar Montano sings is when I just gave up. I watched it all the way through but I already knew I hated it.

    I think they need to hire some of the lead animators that have made it big in the states, or some of them just have to suck it up and come home and establish a proper animation studio, not one that’s filled win in-betweeners. I’ve still got lvoe for them though.

  4. And I really think it’s still a budget thing though. Did you know that in its heyday Disney sent animators and writers to France, Germany, and London just to take in the scenery and do research for Beauty and the Beast?

  5. My two cents, though slightly less constructive than yours. I really hope the bad research was a budget issue and not just sheer laziness.

  6. the first time i saw limhang sing, his character went down the drain, dancing around and hugging a tree is not manly. i cringed watching the whole scene and wished that it wont happen again….pero nangyari uli..at that point i really wanted to go out of the cinema, but i didnt ….i guess i really wanted to support our local industry that much

    sana magkaroon uli ng ganitong projects ..sana may improvements

  7. >>dancing around and hugging a tree is not manly


    I felt exactly the same way dude. I’m giving them money for the effort, and praying they’ll do better next time.

  8. garuda, let’s not compare our animation skills to institutions in JAPANESE (which has been in the industry longer than any Asian country has, i think) animation, like Miyazaki and Kurosawa. i haven’t seen urduja, and i am now thanking myself for spoiling what would have been a very heart-sinking experience in the cinemas. but i’m still watching (and i am so taking the effort to save up for this) so, like what the blog author said) the Filipino animation can redeem itself.

  9. Alex, I’m not comparing institutions, what I’m talking about are the TECHNIQUES used in animation such as layout, composition, timing, storytelling, etc. Actually what the Japanese have is what the other countries (other than ours) have as well, making a story visually AND DOING IT RIGHT. Japanese Cinema started producing very early cowboy westerns as their experiments. They do have a unique style later on but that vary from different directors. But as for composition, camera angles, and other technical aspects – are all BORROWED from the West.

    Sure, I stated about the Japanese industry and it’s brilliant film makers, but I can even state about other countries as well… like the Italian film industry for example, because they too are also brilliant in visual storytelling, take for instance those Sergio Leone spaghetti western films. My point here is that we have decades upon decades of great films, directors and techniques, and we have a lot to learn from them, but the awful thing is these people who made Urduja made one flaw in their film…and that is to make a very good story, both in script and in visual execution. Alex, I don’t doubt the talent of Filipinos in Urduja, they can draw, but my expectations were shattered after listening the dialogue from the script and looking at how the animation paces. Despite the technical flaws, I really hoped that a good story would save it. But it didn’t. People in films, like people in comic books are in the business of making stories, and it is a good story which comes first. This is why there’s another Hulk movie. This is why we have John and Faith Hubley doing animations for The Electric Company. This is why we have adult films like Animal Farm, Plague Dogs and Watership Down.

    It’s never too early or late to do a a great film. We have done great films in the past. Take for instance: Oro Plata Mata as a prime example. Now, imagine THAT to be an animated film.

  10. I was so excited to watch the movie until I read your reviews. Gosh, was it really that bad? I will still watch it though since this is one of the few Pinoy animated films. Like you guys, I am praying they would do better next time. We all have to start somewhere right?
    Btw, have you guys seen the trailer for Dayo? Any opinions?

  11. I think in this case they tried too hard to raise the production value when they didn’t have the budget in the first place. Persepolis is an animated film that had very good story( ors os I’ve heard) but used a very minimalist animation style to carry it.

  12. Check out Norman Mclaren and those other great animators from the National Film Board of Canada. Also check out United Production of America (UPA) back in their days, I think there is a Youtube video of their “A Tell Tale Heart”.

    Tuviera needs to study more about this stuff. Comparing Urduja to the edgier animations I see on TV nowadays (like Justice League for example), why do they have to dumb down their film? I guess the people who controls the industry here are the old school folks who thinks that animation is still a kiddie fare. At least the bathing scene is interesting. 😉

    Ryan, if you think Cesar Montano’s singing makes you cringe, remember Ogie Alcasid’s character back in Ibong Adarna? His character design makes me cringe. Coconut Man-bra armor. Ugh!

  13. I don’t know much about animation but if you compare it with previous Pinoy attempts, Urduja’s animation is really good. Story-telling is another thing though. The use of Pinoy slang is really a bad decision. The movie is attempting to be a historical fiction but it fails miserably in that aspect. Instead, it targeted the masses by using Pinoy slang like “gaga”, “di ko feel” uttered by the character of Ruby Rodriguez.

    Let’s consider it as a first attempt to establish a tradition of animation in the Philippines. Let’s hope though that the technical glitches in Urduja gets remedied in next animation features, and the story would be “deeper.”

  14. Ugh… maybe first attempt isn’t right. It adds up to previous attempt to revive Philippine animation. Still, I wish they would invest on developing good story as Garuda pointed out.

  15. Gawd! I haven’t watched the movie yet but I’m already cringing. Is it ok if I just by a ticket but not watch it for the sake of “supporting” the industry?

    I dare not say more except that I think there seems to have been too many cooks working on this one. By what I’ve read so far, the consistency just went down the drain.

    I just want to add one more word: PRE-PRODUCTION!

  16. I wanted to break Ruby Rodriguez’s legs. Also, why why she named Mayumi?

  17. Ok, I watched it. It won’t win awards. At best it’s a Saturday morning TV show from the last decade. However, I found it entertaining enough not to cringe. The intent to be humorous proved to be humor itself. For some reason I was smiling when I left the cinema.

    I don’t recant what I previously mentioned, however it makes me look forward to what the industry will develop into when bigger budgets are more available. Sure it could be better, but they get an “A” for effort. Over-intellectualizing it spoils the fun. If I dig deep into it, I might even say that the “gaya-gaya” part of the design was intentionally part of the formula.

    I think I’ll label this: interesting thought of possibilities.

  18. you guys here are very cruel. I think you should be proud that Urduja is a good achievement in Pinoy animation. you we keep comparing it with japanese or western animation. Truth is, you should be thankful that there are people in Philippine cinema who would love to revive the interest in making pinoy films, our very own. that’s the problem with pinoys-they pull donw each other instead of encouragement.
    as for Urduja, the film was entertaining. although I must say that they are still part to be improved but please don’t be too sarcastic. akala nyo kung sino kayo kung magsalita…you didn’t even know how hard to make an animated film. I am also a part time animator and i knew how hard it is to make good animation. as for the script, I think they were experimenting and making some impressions. I know what you want–you want to break Hollywood or Japanese anime standards kaagad. My goodness, that’s another problem with pinoys– masyadong ambisyoso at mahilig magpull down ng kapwa pinoy. appreciate the simple things that we can do, encourage each other… some of you are trying hard to be steven spielberg pa yata kung magsalita. nasa pinas kayo at wala pang visa for US so act like you are pinoy…help kapwa pinoy.
    Urduja is a hard task and sacrifice for the producers and animators. it was a good story about us and the actors tried their best to make the project work.

  19. Heh, relax Ryan. Maybe it wasn’t Ruby’s fault she got shitty dialogue from this film (also for the rest of the other actors too). But if she contributed for the dialogue for this movie, then I guess you can go ahead with what you said, but only metaphorically, not literally.

    Kuris, we are not comparing Filipino animation to other countries. We are talking about the FLAWS OF THE FILM. Sure they can draw, BUT THE SCRIPT AND DIALOGUE OF SOME PARTS OF THIS MOVIE ARE BAD. And it shows. So we are just honest with ourselves and what we think about this film.

    Sure, you say it’s great, and I applaud you, your effort, and of your support of the Filipino talent. But how can you improve someone without criticizing some parts of it? It’s NOT A PERFECT FILM! Please bear in mind that a movie ticket costs 135 Php. That’s TWICE the cost of a ticket a decade ago, so I expect a good show. You can’t refund my money if the movie is bad, can you? I can’t get my money back…and this is why I rant.

    If I’m dragging this film to the mud, then I would just state earlier that “Akira is better than Urduja”… and that’s not fair.

    The ONLY WAY to IMPROVE Urduaja and these kinds of movies, is that you have to say HONESTLY what you think about it… and that’s what me or anyone else thinks of this movie.

    As Aisa said in her blog, and I quote: “…patting ourselves on the back for mediocrity contributes nothing to our development as a nation…”, and I never heard any more truer words than that

    Kuris , if I were you guys who made Urduja, I’d rather animate my film and put it in the small screen first for practice. Why not? It’s done before in Ang Panday, and I don’t think that’s animation because 90+% they traced FPJ’s scenes and movements throughout the series. Anyway, when you get that style right, that’s the time you hit it big with a theatrical.

    Most great films are ambitious, Kuris. And to get us to be known by other countries is that we have to TELL A GOOD STORY. That’s what Ronnie Del Carmen has been saying when he was here in the Philippines.

    I’ve seen independent animations from artists from other parts of the globe, and they are more simpler compared to Urduja, but they tell honest stories about the slice of life of what is like to be living in their country. And They win awards…..why can’t we?

    If you think I don’t know animation Kuris, probably you haven’t heard of the examples I previously mentioned. Come on Kuris, animator ka. Heard of Norman McLaren, John and Faith Hubley or Caroline Leaf? Or is your knowledge of animation just on the border of Disney? Take note, in the last century Disney has made great animations both visually and storytelling, with the exceptions of some films like Pochahontas, because history states that she’s a child and not this swimsuit model in the Disney version.

  20. You know guys, and I hope this is my “final word”…but…okay… why not see this film for yourself as Ryan stated earlier in his blog before all these reviews (word war by some) even started?

    Those who haven’t seen it, sure…go and see it. Personally I don’t recommend it, but if you wanna support Filipino talent, or study how far Philippine animation has gone ever since Nonoy Marcelo’s animations from UP, and “Annie Batungbakal” back in the 70s, then do so and make that study. Then make a review, put it in your blogs, and tell honestly how good or bad it is as long as it’s an honest review. Make a review similar to what those critics from Rottentomatoes.com would do. And tell us how far Philippine animation has gone and what are the ways to improve it.

    And remember, it must not be a review where anyone influences you to write it. IT MUST BE SOMETHING THAT IS STRAIGHT FROM YOUR GUT! (I wanna say “heart” but that would be so gay). But anyway, say what you wanna say, you paid that money to see it, now say anything what you THINK about it.

    Make it smart. And people, it must not be something coming out of a text message from a celphone. Only dumbasses do that. My apologies to anyone who thinks I am making too much fuss about this film. But that’s the way I am, and I would like to remind anyone that these are just MY OPINIONS. Opinions that are open for debate.

    If there is something good I can say about Urduja… aside from the suggestive bathing scene….it is that it made people like me or Ryan and the rest to talk about it. Like Paris Hilton, controversy sells…and it gained this kind of attention so that in the future, people will look back on this film for study. Happy trails!

  21. Honestly, I am not connected or part of Urduja’s production. I’m far away from Manila. But I am a good fan of Pinoy animation. I know, the film has lots of downside or even flaws but I appreciate their effort to revive the local film industry. There will always be next time to improve it. Sometimes, I don’t like pinoy pulling each others down like what Nestor Torre wrote about Charice P. in his column…the girl gave recognition to our nation and yet he can’t appreciate her. that’s a different story but it’s related to our usual approach when some pinoys are always ready to discourage their kapwa pinoy. the animators here in the country are not usually following the japanese technique in 2D animation (only 4 drawings per second), they prefer western style (24 drawings per second) which is very hard in a third world country. I like the story because it is still entertaining. Some american 3D animated films are also cheesy and overacting sometimes….
    don’t be too harsh for those who are struggling to contribute for the development of Pinoy animation. anyway, it’s your opinion so you’re entitled on your own. I hope when Dayo will be shown, the film will get a positive boost by december.

  22. Hi kuris, this is what I always say to people who suggest that we should encourage anything Filipino: If you think that we’re harsh on it, just imagine how the rest of the world will react. We aren’t pulling down Urduja as a form of crab mentality, we’re discussing it’s flaws so that the animators, if they’re serious about their craft and want to make it better, can take a look at our comments and hopefully craft a better story, a better film.

    Perhaps the film was good enough for the average Filipino. Perhaps it was good enough to satisfy people who haven’t watched a lot of good animated films, or good films even. But I have. And I want our films to be as good as or better than the other films I see. Is that a bad thing, that I want them to raise their standards?

    And about our usual approach…I think you’re dead wrong in this case. We’ve been overtaken by a rabid Filipino mass that congratulates every single Filipino that gets a bit part in a movie abroad. Some chick was cast as Psylocke in the last X-men movie. A role that had little or no speaking parts. We made a big deal out of it. Why, simply because she’s Filipino. My point is that it shouldn’t be enough that something is Filipino for us to beat our chests about it. It should be Filipino and fucking world class.

    I’m proud of Apl d Ap, I’m proud of Larry Alcala, I’m proud of Leinil Yu, I’m proud of Manny Pacquiao, I’m proud of Efren Reyes, I’m proud of Paeng Nepomuceno, hell I’m proud of Batista. JUST Not because they’re Filipino, but because they’re Filipino and they kick fucking ass and take names and dominate(d, in the case of Alcala) their field of expertise.

    That’s what the makers of Urduja should strive to be, and when they get there I’ll be proud of them too.

  23. Pahabol lang, hehe.

    Ryan, very good example about Persepolis! Actually I heard about this last year, and I heard that it’s a very good film. Though sadly there isn’t too much advertising for this film to cause any awareness… cuz its an independent. But it did reaped a lot of awards too. Its a very good story about an Iranian girl growing up in her country during the 80s and it started out as a brilliant graphic novel.

    But you already know that, heh.

    I watched the trailer at Rottentomatoes and I’m really anxious to find if there’s a copy around.

    Now there’s your example everyone…THIS is the kind of film I was talking about. It’s also a good example that there are other styles other than the “let’s go Disney and copy Pochahontas and Samurai Jack and go 3D too” type of style. Again, if you want alternative animation art… check out films from UPA and the National Film Board of Canada for reference. See ya!

  24. Oh, and well said Ryan.

  25. Excuse me, the Pinay gal who played psylocke in X-men 3 said a short dialogue “goin’ somehwere?”…isn’t that a script? I appreciate her presence coz’ she’s got a bit part in that big film. yes, her part was not awesome and long but at least she tried her best to portray. never underestimate someone, who knows she might be noticed and get bigger part or even lead roles in Hollywood films. big things comes from small package sometimes.
    As for Urduja, the animators expressed their happiness when their names were mentioned in the end credit. That’s all they need to be inspired. hindi naman payabangan ya kundi a little bit of talent/effort appreciation. so please stop lecturing us that you’ve seen millions of films to compare it with Urduja…that it is another copycat,etc. Hollywood is also a big copycat industry….they remake films that are Asian or European hits. Bakit kailangan ba talagang lumabas sa Oprah show ang isang Pinoy talent para lang mapaempress kayo? sorry, but I have faith for those who started small, simple and humble…fate have a lot bigger things in store for them.
    I heard my high school teacher once said…”Filipinos are good imitators”…so who cares? It works sometimes and we can do something about it. everybody in the world is also fond of copying…it is human nature. so I don’t agree with your pa-class, pa-get-on-top feat before your nerves get tickled.
    OK, That’s your opinion. But in my point of view… I like to uplift those who started from the bottom then struggle to get at the top.

  26. Mga apo, huwag na kayong magbabag, kartun lang yan! makinig kayo sa lola nyo: Garuda and company, magaling ang inyong mga critiques, obvious ba na ang dami niyong alam tungkol sa film at animation, at wow, mga pangalan niyong nine-namedrop eh talaga namang de-kalibre! tumpak din na hamunin ninyo o sundut-sundutin ang ego ng mga Filipino film makers at animators para may-i-move-my-ass sila at nang hindi maging kampante at mamalakpak ang mga tenga nila sa small victories at konting papuri lamang. gets ko na gusto nyo lamang pataasin ang kalidad ng animation films natin kaya banggit kayo nang banggit ng mga accomplished entities na–na hindi naman nagsimulang perfect. i’m sure nung umpisa, me mga palpak din ang gawa nila, mediocre din, atbpang kapintasan. puna ko lang, garuda, sa paggamit ninyo ng mga standards na banyaga, baka makalimot kayo sa kagandahan ng pilipino. balanse lang, mga apo. kung makikita ninyo ang pangit sa atin, at ang maganda lamang sa iba, tamaan ka sana ng suntok ni pacman. you won’t be helping filipino animation producers any if you squelch their first attempt by measuring its technical value against the moguls kaagad! ang dating mo tuloy, berdugo! ang maganda lamang sa exchange ninyo dito ay malaya ninyong nasasabi ang lahat mula sa kaibuturan ng inyong mga bituka (sino ba yung ayaw ng “heart” diya, “gay” daw?). kapag magiging open minded kayo at hindi kayo magpapataasan ng ihi dito sa mga postings ninyo para makita kung sino mas me alam, eh may pupuntahang maganda ang palitan ninyo ng kuro-kuro. kayo, garuda at mga kasamahan, ang approach ninyo, from the critics’ point of view. listen–don’t be defensive–sa mga opinions ni… ano ba pangalan non, “kuris” ba, who sees things from the animators’ standpoint naman. sila yung kinakalyo ang mga daliri kado-drowing eh, alam nilang kalbaryo ang gumawa ng cartoons. me punto yung nagsasabing huwang niyo namang upakan kapwa nyo Pinoy, sa halip, hanapin din ang maganda sa Urduja, at kasama ng inyong mga pintas, eh bigyan namn ng konting encouraging words. ganito iyon eh: lahat tayo, agree na nagsisimula pa lamang (never mind that we’re trailing Anime by a mile) sa full-feature animation, tama? so ang sensitivity ng collective consciousness ng pinoy animators, bata, juvenile, musmos, korek? kapag ang bunso mo, pamangkin o kapatid mong nasa kindergarten ay may ipinagmamalaki sa iyong stick drawing niya at ang sabi niya’y iyon daw si angelina jolie, would you the heart to mock the budding child artist? kukuwnetuhan ko kayo, mga apo: nung grade one pa lang ako, nag-experimento ako sa kusina. me sinunod akong recipe book at gumawa ako ng isang napaka-simpleng meryenda. pagkatapos isi-nerve ko sa tatay at nanay ko, proudly, siyempre! sabay kumagat sa inihain kong meryenda si tatay at si nanay. sinimulang pintasan ni nanay ang natikman, pero huling-huli ko ang tatay ko sinulyapan niya si nanay nang sulyap na may laman, sabay bulalas sa aking, “Masarap!!! Saan mo natutunan ito?” tumahimik si nanay pero tulad ng tatay ko, inubos din niya yung nasa platito niya at tapos nginitian pa ako ng singtamis ng arnibal sa niluto ko. ako mismo, nang tikman ko yung niluto ko, hindi ko naman isinuka, pero hindi ko gagastahin ang baon ko kung kelangan ko yung bilhin! but that episode taught me the value of encouraging greenhorns. kaya mga apo, sana, yung pagmamahal natin sa Pinoy, manganinag sa ating mga puna. (to “shine through” our words para naman makita ang sincerity natin.) ako, napanood ko yung urduja, unang puna ko sa technical aspect, mukhang Mulan nga, at bakit parang madilim ang mga kulay, parang laging nasa lilim? pero meron din namang magagandang frames, yung ayos na ayos lang, aminin natin. ang para sa akin ay nakakasira ay hindi kyut yung daga at si tarsir pag nagsalita! inconsistent sa appearance at karakter yung tunog! parang kanto boy ang dating nila, hindi tuloy nila mapukaw ang simpatiya ko! at yung si Mayumi–parusa naman yung pangalanan siya ng Mayumi eh saksakan naman siya ng alembong! magagalit sa inyo si Gabriela niyan, niyuyurakan ninyo ang mukha ng dalagang pilipina! pikit-mata na rin ako dun sa paggamit ng colloquial pinoy–we must remember, ang target audience ng Urduja ay ang average Pinoy moviegoer, hindi mga barkada ni steven spielberg o ni hilary clinton, kaya sige na nga, that’s not the most important thing sa movie! hindi rin yung pinipintasan ninyong pagkanta ni cesar montano–okay na din yon (hindi ko nga alam na si montano pala yun while i was watching) kasi yung karakter naman niya ay me-pagkapreskong pirata at hindi naman isang matinee idol. sa akin din, sana yung singing ni regine, mas malamyos, to go with the image of urduja, pero nandon na iyon eh, palampasin na lang dahil meron pang higit na importanteng mga elemento ang Urduja na nakakalusot sa pansin ng mga masyadong intelektuwal na ang sinusukat lamang eh yung nakikita at naririnig. halimbawa, gustong-gusto ko yung paggamit ng karera ng kalabaw para subukin ang galing ng dayuhang si Limhang. o, imagine nyo, dumadagundong ang lupa sa yabag ng mga damulag!!! wala sa isteyts niyan! pero dito sa pinas, me Carabao Festival pa sa pulilan, bulacan, kung saan sidewalk-to-sidewalk ang kalabaw, mga 800 or more, nagpaparada! at take note, pagdaan sa simbahan, lumuluhod ang kalabaw! o, hirit pa kayo!? at least, korni man yung daga at yung tarsier, kung kalabaw, wow! at inalala ng Urduja na gamitin ang isang napaka-pinoy na ingredient, di ba? isa pa, ang karakter ni Urduja, strong woman, naninipa pero hindi tomboy. fragile-looking pero dinamita sa bakbakan! tsura lang ni zhang zi-yi!!! si urduja ay me sariling paninindigan, may tunay na self-confidence, kaya hindi natatakot gumalang sa kagustuhan ng magulang! o, di ba ngingiti si jose rizal sa langit dahil eto na, eto na yung ipinapayo niya sa kanyang “letter to the women of malolos”… hindi ba kayo natutuwa niyan bilang mga pilipino? kaya, huwag nas kayong magbatuhan at maghampasan ng inyong mga salita! pare-pareho kayong kumakain ng kanin, kaya peace lang kayo! o baka sabihin ninyo, itong lolang ito, pinaglipasan na ng panahon kaya ganito mag-sermon! hoy, mga apo, ayokong magmention ng mga credentials ko at baka lumabas nakikipagyabangan pa ako sa inyo, pero you can be sure, i am very much into film, at me musika pa sa kaluluwa nitong lolang ito, and in fact mahilig pa akong kumanta pag naliligo ako. ang favorite kong kakantahin sa banyo these days? yung mga songs ni Regina Spektor. kaya nyo yon? yiririririririri-iya-a-a-a-a-a-a!

  27. Anak ng tinapa! Sumakit ang ulo ko sa kakabasa ng inyong komentong lola, ngunit may mga magandang mensahe ka rin!

    Obviously I’m much more comfortabel speaking English, so I’ll reply in this manner.

    Kuris, if you want to support them for their effort then go right on ahead. If you bothered to read my original post I said as much:

    “I do encourage you all to see it though. I really hope it makes money, because that’s the only way these folks can get another project and make it better. I’d encourage everyone to see it, and look at it critically. Don’t praise it just because it’s Filipino, just because everyone worked so hard to make it. No animated film is ever created with out the sweat and tears of hundreds of animators. If other animated films don’t get a free pass, neither should Urduja, because if we never hold it up to the standards of others we’ll wallow in Philippine mediocrity forever.”

    Lola basyang, nakaktuwa naman ang anecdote mo tungkol sa iyong kabataan, ngunit sabi nga nila, “you’re in the big leagues now.” Nobody gets a free pass. Nobody. People fight their way to get a project made everyday, to make a game, a comic, a film, it’s all the same. There are countless creators out there who sweat blood and tears to see their dreams come true. That’s why I stayed throughout the movie. That’s why I left the cinema drained and exhausted, because I wanted so much to find something to be proud of in Urduja, something I could hold on to and say “well at least they did that well”.

    Ok honestly I liked the movie until the part where the rat and tarsier started singing a “hakuna matata” ripoff. It was ok until then. But after that everything else went downhill for me. If I didn’t like it, should I be forced to say otherwise? Fuck, I tried, ok? I really fucking tried to like it. But in my opinion it just isn’t a good film.

    Here’s an anecdote. Leinil Francis Yu is one of the top comic book artists in the US comic book industry. He used to worship Whilce Portacio, who in the 90s was the biggest pinoy comic book artist of his time. He went to Whilce’s school and showed Whilce his drawings, and Whilce shut him down, saying that his drawings looked too much like Whilce’s, that he needed to find a style of his own. 10 years later he’s one of the most popular comic book artists in the the industry. Would he have succeeded as much as he did if Whilce just patronizingly told him “good job, kid! keep it up!” while taking his money for the school tuition? No of course not. Leinil is where he is because Whilce challenged him to be better.

    I gave the makers of Urduja my 150 pesos. Now I’m telling them what I think to encourage them to make something better. If they manage that, then I’ll be proud of them.

  28. Ah, Lola Basyang… I was about to move along, but I’m so curious if any other zealot of this film made another retort about my reviews. Sure, I’d rather like to say gut than heart, cuz it has more OOMPH in it! And that doesn’t have anything to do with what I think about the film.

    Anyway, I only review the film. At least I STICK to the subject and I don’t have to bash someone with insipid remarks outside the topic. That’s not reviewing or debating, that’s TAUNTING. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. So stick to the topic.

    Anyway, sure you say that it’s a cartoon…but hell… what we are doing is reviews. Patas lang. We saw it, we study it, and we say something about it…brutal or constructive… and we are free to do so. Those who say that we don’t have the right to say such stuff, probably came from the Communist Party during the Mao Dictatorship, where they can only hear are just the “nice things” about it. The only thing left is that there are rainbows and pretty little ponies galloping around a field of magic strawberries.

    If you want to give them encouragement, then encourage them! You are the fans, so be their cheering squad! We only say what we feel about the film.

    Anyway, the thing you said about stick figures and all that… honestly… I think you are not aware that once you stepped into a project for cinema, it’s the BIG TIME, and creatively it’s a different canvas. But what I saw on the screen is more like toons for TV. Let me say this again, that’s forgivable, BUT THE STORY DID NOT SAVE IT. I know that there is no such thing as an original story, but execution is the last great and important factor in any film. The animation’s pacing, and the script and dialogue for Urduja is just simply a mess.

    If you guys are thinking that we want a more ambitious film than this, then AGAIN you missed the point. I have pointed out some examples which are much simpler compared to the production design in Urduja, and to my guess, much cheaper to make. PERSEPOLIS is one, animated in black and white; it tells an outstanding story but with simple character animation. What other examples do you need?
    And I find it ironic that you guys say that we are thinking this way and we have to involve” Oprah “in this. That’s FUNNY! But did the creators of Urduja are being ambitious too for putting out this film?

    Finally, I too have also studied Disney’s mistakes in the past too. I have a copy of Richard Schickel’s book: The Disney Version and it states a lot about the history and what was going on with the company from the inside. Sure they made mistakes in the past…but do we also have to copy that as well?

  29. Still useless explanation. masyadong perfectionist, hard on kapwa Pinoy. I’m not impressed with the examples ,etc. given by the author of the post. Masyadong puno ng bravura ang statements. My point din pero he doesn’t admit na minsan he’s out of the topic na rin. Well, pareho lang tayo… at least ako, I learn to appreciate my kapwa Pinoy. That’s the problem with Pinoys masyadong marami ang nagmamarunong, wala nag-admit ng mistakes at madali magjudge. as for me, it’s ok to admit my mistakes… hindi ako perfect, hehe. But i try my best. Lola, you are entertaining din naman. I must admit that I enjoy your blabbings about the film. though sumakit din ang utak ko sa kakabasa…Ok naman. hehe, go ahead. magaling kang host para sa Mahiwagang Baul…good talk.

  30. Onga pala lola next time please use paragraphs. I don’t care what language you write in as long as you don’t give everyone headaches trying to read your post.

    You know what Kuris, I really hate people like you. I hate people who don’t take the time to understand what another person is saying. People who make judgment calls based on their own beliefs.

    Don’t fucking tell me that I’m hard on Pinoys at madali akong magjudge. You don’t know me well enough. You don’t know that I’m hard on everythign I see, whether it be Pinoy or foreign. I have walked out of and fell asleep in bad films that weren’t Pinoy. I watched Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo and loved it despite the fact that I really hate Juday. I bought a locally made independent comic book called “trese” and enjoyed it, though it had its own flaws. I am my own person, and I refuse to support something just because there’s a mentality that I should support everything Pinoy made. If that’s how you truly feel, then you should buy all your clothes from Pinoy made brands, eat only in Pinoy restaurants, listen only to pinoy music, and ride in an owner jeep.

    You try to paint me as someone who subscribes to crab mentality, but despite my best efforts I can’t convince you that all I want is for Filipinos to be fair. Don’t praise something simply because it’s Filipino, simply because people worked hard for it. Praise it because you truly enjoyed it.

    I see you’re an animator as well. I hope that one day you finally understand what it is that I’m trying to say. My passionate plea for all Filipinos to truly struggle to be the best in their craft. I hope you realize this because one day you will find out that I am the least of your worries, and that the world at large is a far harsher judge of your creations.

    This is my last reply to this post. I feel that there is no way I’m going to convince people who have already decided how they feel about things. Only time will tell who was right in the end. Good luck to us all.

  31. amen. paragraphs sucks. hehehehehe.

  32. My words are useless? Well, I never asked for any of your opinions either, Kuris. And I’m still wondering, why people like you haven’t come up with any answers in defense to any of the flaws of this film. I only read are just more whining and begging. For that, I’ll just ignore your next posts and comments. You don’t have anything much to say that make sense of your side of the topic anyway. And you say that I’m out of topic? You never got time to read and understand any of my posts, I bet.

    You’re just a fanatic. And as fans, you are all motivated by irrational enthusiasm. So communicating with a fan like you is just like communicating with some retard in a mental asylum. You’re in another world. Not worth mine or anyone’s time. Don’t bother replying. I won’t even read your other entries anyway. I’ll just label them as another dumbass entry.

    Here’s a challenge for you Kuris. Why don’t you go to Apt Productions and ask them about the flaws of this film?

    Also, why don’t you accept comments and reviews about Urduja IN YOUR BLOG? Or are you TOO CHICKEN to read about other people’s opinions?

    You want out of topic? Here’s something out of topic: Urduja is a jolog film anyway. So only jologs can appreciate it. And paragraphs don’t suck. Your latest comment sucks. Because it represents what’s wrong with our fucked up educational system. How fucked up? We get people like Lola Basyang…and you. Hahaha.

    And it’s not my fault if you shoot your mouth first.

  33. hehehehe. I bet you are an old constipated, insecure mad cow. Truth is, i enjoy your blabbings. I bet you don’t even know how to draw even one animation frame. “sagad ka dira wakal wakal di ka man kabalo mgdrawing”. you don’t know artist stuff so eat, digest your own blabbings. you ought to say that to yourself. and yes, isama mo na rin lahat sa sabaw mong niluluto lahat nga mga CDs, DVDs at wasted thoughts mo about films…mix it up to make a delectable soup. consume it coz you thought you know everything, over constipated film guru daw. here’s a challenge din, dika yata marunong magdraw kahit isang frame lang…hehe. don’t throw your crap to me. i was just explaining and you pushed your views to me…as if dapat kung itake yan as vitamins. pwee, lasang kanal.
    yeah, i’m a jolog and you are an old loser. luto na ba ang chicken soup mo with your wasted thoughts about films? gulp it up! hehehehehe. masarap ang bravura mo!

  34. Hahahahaha! You don’t even know my real age you turd! What? You’re a mind reader now? That’s a new low for you. You can get a spot somewhere in Quiapo and make money out of that skill of yours.:P

    Anyway, you just came along in this part of the web, asshole. YOU digested our opinions! We didn’t ask for yours! If you don’t want it, just move along and just ignore us! See? Just goes to show that you’re still here means you’re a fucking sociopath! Fuck yourself dude! Get a life. Get laid. >:D

  35. hehehe…you really amuse me. mas matanda ka pa siguro kay lola basyang. i bet you got poisoned by your own deadly chicken soup. and yes, talentless ka yata eh….don’t bother commenting on animator’s stuff when all you know to draw is worse than fido-dido. hehehehehehehe.

  36. Quote: hehehe…you really amuse me. mas matanda ka pa siguro kay lola basyang.

    > I’m younger than you think shithead.

    Quote: i bet you got poisoned by your own deadly chicken soup.

    > Lame comment. Is your brain fucked up?

    Quote: and yes, talentless ka yata eh….don’t bother commenting on animator’s stuff when all you know to draw is worse than fido-dido.

    > Again, you fucking don’t know me. You haven’t even seen my work. Someday you will eat your own shitty comments. Your accusations are shithead pointless. And you don’t know the whole thing about animation. Go fuck yourself you hack.

  37. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhitttt karin kainin mo titi mo. you’re getting below the belt pwes….
    I repeat wala kang talent. bilat sang iloy mooooooooooooo sapat ka man.
    fido-dido may talent daw? WALA E hahahahaa

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