I’ve stopped collecting now.

I came to two realizations whilst cleaning up my junk in the old house for the big move to eastwood:

  • Sentimentality and a packrat mentality is all well and good, but the truth is you’re just accumulating junk that no one will ever find a use for
  • I was collecting things for the sake of collecting them, and also so that I could easily describe myself to people

The second idea struck me as more intriguing.  How many people do we know use their collections as substitutes for their personalities? I like so and so band and I think this movie was awesome and oh you should read this book, therefore I am this kind of person.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you, but lately I’ve taken to decribing myself by the things I am doing or have done, and less by the things I like or collect.  Whether that’s better or worse is a matter of opinion, but the former is much more suitable when moving into a smaller living space.


6 Comments to “I’ve stopped collecting now.”

  1. I’m such a packrat myself. I try and try to shrink the mound of junk I’ve accumulated, but at best I end up dividing it into numerous little mounds of junk that I still don’t get rid of and just hide in different corners of the room.


    I need Ais to come over and put my shoes in nice little plastic boxes…

  2. Yeah, I like to call them “organized piles”.

    We were actually talking about how she should come up with a “room and house organization service” where she just comes over and fixes stuff for people and gets paid to do it!

  3. Nicole and I want our own Lifestyle Channel program where we organize other peoples’ houses.

  4. Ah, but remember, Nick Hornby said you are what you like 😉

  5. This is true, but I’d like to think I’ve evolved beyond Rob, Barry and Dick. 😛

  6. And if anyone needs to get laid, it’s Barry. 🙂

    Congrats on the new pad, and welcome to Spartan living. I call all my toy collector officemates 40 year old virgins.

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