My first Seagull pictures

All pictures taken in Baseco, Tondo with a Seagull TLR and expired Provia 100 film.


7 Comments to “My first Seagull pictures”

  1. Apparently expired film makes for pretty colors.

  2. I didn’t know you were into photography! What were you doing in Tondo though?

  3. I was with a group of other amateur photographers taking pictures for an exhibit about the situation of the people in Baseco.

    I’ve only started photography again recently, mostly because I fell in love with the idea of cameras made before I was even born still functioning to this day. 🙂

  4. 1. taking pictures of poor people isnt art.

    2. im sourgraping because id like a tlr too.

    wanna buy my lightmeter?

  5. I never said it was art, fool! It’s still photography though. I’m going to Shanghai this October and looking to buy a new one. I can either A) sell you this old one or B) buy you a new one too. I think they’re roughly 5-6k brand new.

    I’ll pass on the lightmeter. I’m trying to learn to do it with the “sunny16” and some adjustments based on whether I want more DOF etc. lightmeters just slow you down, and I’m not a pro anyway.

  6. i’ve been to baseco once but in the GK area only where we served to children. where particularly in baseco did u take those pictures?

    very well made compositions anyway! 🙂

  7. ryan! nice set! ayos ‘to 🙂

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