Geek of all trades, master of none

Like a character that’s overbalanced in an RPG, I’ve found myself frustrated at times that I cannot find the devotion to hone myself in a single craft.  I have too much of an interest in too many things, from writing to art to photography to sports to beer to cooking and travelling.  I pride myself on this, and it makes sure that I’ll be more than well equipped to have a conversation with just about anybody, but the pitfall here is that I’ll never be a master of any particular craft.

This wouldn’t be a problem except that career paths require you to be  master of your craft.  The whole point of a career “path” is that you choose the one route to focus your skills on, much like a skill tree in Diablo 2.  I just like to dabble in too many things, stretching myself thin until I’ve wasted so much time trying things out that will never pan out.  And yet, if I don’t try them out, how will I find out what my craft is in life?

Sometimes I believe that world where your emloyment is pre-ordained would be best.  There was a sci-fi book that had that as a story element, I forget which.  You go into a room and they measure your brain waves and hey presto, you’re a plumber for life.  Sure it takes a lot of fun out of life, but I’ll be darned if it doesn’t make things simpler.


2 Comments to “Geek of all trades, master of none”

  1. Hey, you’re master enough to be an international professional pixel artist – that’s something!

  2. it seems like you’re good at photography. maybe you could explore on that further. ^^

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