I am on gamepolitics and I am amazed.

The last time I got this giddy was when I won two tickets to the Matrix Reloaded, and my name was spoken on the radio to announce where and when I could get the tickets.  A few nights later, after watching Reloaded, I  was more confused than giddy.

But this post on gamepolitics.com certainly has me in a tizzy, and I’m enjoying my 15 minute of internet fame as long as I can.

In a novel, if certainly controversial suggestion, Filipino game design artist Ryan Sumo argues that video game companies should compete with bootleg sellers in poorer countries by selling products with minimalist packaging and even allowing the pirates to burn the actual discs.

Sumo makes his argument in a guest column for The Escapist:

Piracy supports an underground economy and the livelihoods of thousands… in Asia, especially in countries where most people live below the poverty line. This underground exists primarily because its participants cannot afford the exorbitant prices charged by game publishers…

Publishers and console manufacturers like Nintendo are convinced that once they stop piracy, the money from all those lost sales will suddenly come flowing into their coffers. For whatever reason they never take into account their prospective market’s spending ability…

In the Philippines… piracy isn’t a matter of right or wrong; it’s a matter of survival. To eradicate piracy means depriving people of jobs… It means eradicating the businesses that employ them and negating the taxes funneled to the Philippine government. Developers and publishers will claim a huge victory, but they’ll soon notice that those billions of dollars in lost sales aren’t exactly showing up on their bottom line.

Hell, if I knew the Escapist accepted pitches I would have done this a long time ago!


One Comment to “I am on gamepolitics and I am amazed.”

  1. *throws panties at you*

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