RangefinderFilipinas: The one and only Exclusive classic photography club in the Philippines

I used to be a member of RFF.  Well, I was a lurker on their forums who posted every now and then.  I thought I’d found a community where people with an interest in cameras could come together to discuss their love of old and functioning equipment.  Apparently I’d stumbled into an exclusive camera club that insists that you follow their rules or risk being banned.

I had merely written a letter to them, asking that they tone down their disdain of lomophiles.  I dislike lomo myself, and everything it stands for.   However, the way they were dealing with it belied any maturity on their part.  In one case, someone from lomo manila had joined under a pseudonym, and once the jig was up, they pounced on the poor fucker and made his username read “homolomo something or other”.  Sure he was a douchebag, but the way they dealt with it made them look like bigger douchebags for it.

They claimed they were open for discussion, so I wrote an open letter telling them how I felt about what they were doing.  I said that the way they were dealing with things was rather immature, and that they had a way of condescending towards newer members.  I told them that if they wanted an exclusive club, then they shouldn’t open the forum up to members.

So they banned me.

I imagine them patting themselves on the back and saying “well, you asked for it! Haha! High 5!” They left me with a lame parting message to boot:

Sorry Ryan Sumo, you are banned from using this forum!
At times like this the Japanese would fall on there
(sic) sword but self deletion of accounts is not available anymore. So once you’ve read this, say Bye bye!

Christ, the immaturity level of people still amazes me at times.  It always irks me when people don’t bother to back up their actions with reason and logic, so maybe it’s best I wasn’t involved with them anyway.

Update: I have been sent a letter by the admin of rangefinderFilipinas, explaining why he banned me.  In it, he calims that I sounded like a lomomanila brat having a hissy fit.  I wish I could post my original letter, but since the thread has been locked and I’e been banned, I see no way for me to obtain a copy.  The following is the admin’s letter:


Let me get one thing straight, your post is unwelcome and consequently
I banned you so that another fight would not break out.

If you felt that way you should not have made a public statement
without first speaking to the Admins. If after you feel that it gave
you no satisfaction or you didn’t get your point across or you welt
you were still treated in the infantile manner you refer to in your
post then fine, you could have posted that and closed the door as you
left the room.

But, somehow I feel you are trying to draw attention to yourself, like
those spoilt children from Lomomanila your having a hissy fit and want
some attention.

You say you have thick skin but your post doesn’t not show this. Try
the Rangefinder Forum or APUG or DPR. There most fools don’t get to
make a second post and are eaten alive by the old twisted vultures
just waiting for some foolish comment or question to be asked. Here we
are actually quite civil though we do have an edge.

An edge that you know nothing about as you don’t know the history
between Lomomanila and the old TKP/RF Yahoo mailing list.

So in that aspect your post is a bit miss informed.

One guy has PM’d me to say you have some (SOME) valid points and he’s
been around long enough to know the history. However I had 10 other
people telling me to get rid off you.

Your post could not have come at a worse time, I don’t want anymore
fighting on this board. Thats why for now you are banned so that this
does not build into another full scale battle.

Rangefinder Filipinas

I’d make jokes here about the spelling of certain words, but maybe it’s best I do that stuff offline.


15 Comments to “RangefinderFilipinas: The one and only Exclusive classic photography club in the Philippines”

  1. People who don’t know the difference between a possessive pronoun and a signifier really ought to lay off the snark.

  2. You’re better off without them.

    They sound like a bunch of a-holes anyway.

  3. Mr. Admin needs lessons in grammar, spelling and manners.


  4. Can’t blame you.

    I can see where you’re coming from. From where you are, the perspective is limited and the view is not entirely clear.

    We could have given you the perspectives. Not that we want you to change your views- you said that you weren’t about to recant them anyway.

    As to the disdain for the so-called lomophiles, were you ever aware that a certain group (namely those who had been lurking) have been plotting to destroy RF since June? Were you ever aware of what they’ve been doing, and how they talk in their respective blog/plurk sites? The screen captures you saw are just two of perhaps more than a dozen other more containing hateful messages which call for physical harm to some of the ‘targetted’ RF people. Your friend A**ra had been one of their targets in the past.

    So if RF acted like Nazi Assholes, it’s merely a response. It’s the only way to respond to people who speak only in that manner; so to communicate to them, it must be in that manner as well. RF has to take some measures to let the people plotting against it that it knows what they are doing, and can stoop down and play dirty, if that’s what they want.

    They’ve been asking for it anyway.

    You said too, that you felt that you were made to look dumb or inferior. AFAIK, that never happened. Everyone who replied to your questions gave you information, often going overboard with more answers than you first thought you needed. I don’t know why you ever felt that way, but then again, with the way you wrote this blog, I probably know by now.

  5. To Rina, A-holes?
    Ever met someone from RF? Ever talked to them?

  6. Thanks for commenting, perhaps we can have that discussion here. Other members of RFF have emailed me and explained the the history of what’s happened before. I sympathize with them and I agree that it’s disgusting that they would want to attack someone, a kid, to be precise, in that manner.

    However, I took great pains to make sure that my post was not inflammatory. Not once did I say anything akin to “atttack RF” or “destroy RF” (and really I find it patently ridiculous that these lomo-nerds would pose any real threat. I mean what would they do, throw their grossly overpriced holgas at you?). I was merely trying to start a discussion, and share my feelings about the group. So the bottom line is, Did my post require such a drastic action? Was I threatening anyone with bodily harm (My Petri is quite heavy, so I suppose it would count as a blunt instrument)? No, I wasn’t. In fact, if you could furnish me with a copy of my letter I’d greatly appreciate it. Maybe people can take a look and decide fore themselves whether or not this whole thing was blown out of proportion.

  7. What you find “patently ridiculous” are real threats. You are not aware of many things. It’s not the (unlikely, but still possible) physical potential threats, but the virtual threats that they can do to destroy the site. RF has received at least 2 attacks since May. Attacks which could have destroyed the site. These happened before anyone at RF did any ‘pounc(ing) on the(se) poor f***ers.’

    The ‘do***b*gs’ who masterminded these attacks are the same d-bags responsible for those troll posts and hate-filled plurks. RF ignored these actions several times, and even tolerated their presence at the forum. Until this time.

    The RF Admins and Mods did not do anything. They quietly cleaned the dirt without announcing it to anyone else. You couldn’t know this, being there, with a limited view of the real situation.

    You posted your comment at the least opportune time. The RF admins are just being vigilant. Every post which has the makings of sympathy to the other camp is suspect. Suspect until proven otherwise. Several people before you have been banned because of their actions, but were restored or even rehabilitated after suspicions or questions were cleared. However unlike you, they never made ‘rant’ (for lack of a better term) blogs which publicly denounce RF.

    Consider yourself collateral damage.

    I was at time asking the other admins to reconsider your case. But after seeing what you’ve done, I am no longer keen on doing this.

    You can always go to other fora. There is Rangefinder Forum.com or even APUG.org. Perhaps you’d like it better there. But no one there would address questions like where to get film or have it developed in Manila or where you could have your Petri serviced. Unless one of us chooses to answer you- many of us are also members there. And these aren’t the ‘nice’ places you’d like them to be.

  8. Hi Admin. I was banned after I made what I thought was a perfectly acceptable post where I aired out my thoughts over the events occurring on RFF. I was looking for a discussion, but since you simply chose to ban me and lock the post, what other recourse did I have? Should I have sat and twiddled my thumbs while the admins debated whether or not I was worthy of posting on their site? Fuck that.

    So I blogged. It’s my right to blog about whatever the hell I want, just as it’s your right to ban people willy nilly. And here, all my thoughts and writings and those of the admin as well are open for everyone to read and judge as they see fit. Which, I might add, is something that I was denied.

    Lastly, I take offense to the comment that I’m looking for a “nice” site. I don’t need a fucking “nice” site. I hate “nice” site where people give each other handjobs and pat each other for a good job. I thought RFF was a fair site that allowed people to express their views, especially when said views aren’t blindly striking out at people to flame with.

  9. Hi Ryan,

    Yes, I agree with you that you may blog whatever you wish to. We don’t want to take away that freedom, at all, in fact, opposed to what the RF admin had said, I probably would be on the fence on how he took offense on the fact that you aired out your frustrations on your own blog.

    All that said, there is a newbie corner on the site and some pinned threads where it shows the group’s sentiments on lomo and we specifically say, please, no more discussions on the topic. It’s a non-negotiable.

    As there was just a recent heated discussion about how some of the guys from lomo had made verbal attacks on some of the members, everyone is just a bit on there toes about the topic and unfortunately, you have been “collateral damage”.

    Me personally, and I will go out on a limb and state that for everyone else in the forum that, honestly we are just so tired of the subject so we’d rather not entertain them at all.

    You may think most of us are a bunch of pig headed and close minded people, you are free to make those opinions but don’t generalize and call us elitist. Anyone is welcome to join but pls read the introductory threads first, get a gauge of how the people are like and what they stand for/against. You already know it’s a no-no topic and yet you insist. Those pinned discussions were already made as disclaimers to avoid more heated debates about the same ongoing boring discussions about the same topic and as you can see, this is the unfortunate incident that we find ourselves in – burnt bridges before they were even created.

  10. Intolerance is immature. You were right, Ryan.

  11. RF Proponent,

    It would be nice if you could use your name. You know mine and apparently some of your members have been checking out my girlfriend’s multiply site, so it would be very decent of you to use your real names instead of hiding behind pseudonyms like RF Admin and Proponent.

    That said, it wasn’t a letter about lomo, it was a letter about how I personally felt that the members’ actions were making RFF look like an exclusive club, and how their actions made them just as immature as the lomo people they claimed to detest. I was asking the community to look at itself and ask if renaming usernames “homolomo” was really how they wanted people to see them. If that was really the type of community they want to be.

    I know personally that not all RFF members are like that. Some have even reached out to me apologizing for what happened and saying that in some respects they feel the same as I do. I won’t mention names because I don’t want to involve anyone else, and frankly I’m tired of being affected by what seems to be a war between camera enthusiasts.

    I will repeat, all I wanted was to start a discussion. Just because there are trolls that like to start flamewars, doesn’t mean everyone’s like that.

  12. oh look, the admin guy is talking to me.

    no i don’t know any of you and because you sound like a-holes, i refuse to waste my time.

  13. @ the RFF admin

    I’ve never met any of you personally, but with the way you’re behaving, you really do act like assholes.

    The guy is merely trying to suggest that there’s no need for throwing insults. Sure, he may be unaware of the history (i.e. bad blood) between your factions, but he certainly doesn’t deserve a ban.

    I’ve been a forum moderator before, and believe me, your intolerance is absurd–and you can’t use “history” as a justification for your actions.

    In fact, since Ryan is a new member, more tolerance should have been exercised because he was clueless. If this is how you run things in your forum, don’t be surprised if people start calling you a sphincter.

  14. Erm, care to enlighten us on what you mean to imply with the link you just posted?

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