RangefinderFilipinas update

I thought I’d post my reply to the admin’s letter, and his reply to that as well, just to give things some closure.



I was trying to open a discussion, as RFF claims to be fond of.  How was I supposed to close the door when I left the room exactly?  I wasn’t looking for a fight, or to draw attention to myself.  For christ’s sake I’ve a life off of the internet.  I didn’t know one had to speak to the Admins before posting a topic in an area of the forum where it says “when you feel you’re off topic already” or something like that.  I felt it was an issue that the whole group could discuss, and thus the topic.

I meant every single thing I said.  If you’d left the post open and not banned me, I would have looked at all the replies and taken everything with a grain of salt.  I wouldn’t have fought anyone.  The fact of the matter is that I saw something I was uncomfortable with, and I voiced it, thinking that this was a community where one is allowed to speak his mind.  I feel like if I was someone who’d been with the group longer, or a higher level member, that my views would have been taken more seriously.  I tried to explain my views in the most non aggressive manner in order to show that I wasn’t having a hissy fit, but I guess this didn’t work out.  In the end, perception does matter more than fact.

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and informing me why I’ve been banned.  I must confess the rather abrupt banning with no explanation disappointed me.  I really would have preferred a more mature discussion to have evolved from that post, but if that’s how the group feels, then I guess that’s all there is to it.  Thanks, and good luck with the forum (and no, I’m not being sarcastic when I say this).

Ryan Sumo


After 3 hours there was no replies!

After the shit fight last week nobody wanted to comment.

I seen your blog post on https://geekofalltrades.wordpress.com/

So I was as immature as you describe and deleted your account and your post.


Yes, I blogged about it.  I really wasn’t trying to hide it.  Do feel free to comment on the post whenever you feel up to it.  I promise I won’t ignore you or delete your comment. 🙂

Have a nice day!

Well, that’s that I guess.
I suppose if I joined an MMA forum this might have ended up a bloodier affair.  As it is, I suppose the worst thing they could do to me is shoot my profile in the worst possible light known to man.

9 Comments to “RangefinderFilipinas update”

  1. this guy is so immature it’s hilarious.

    what kind of forum is run by people like that? clearly not a very good one. don’t waste a second of your time on them anymore.

  2. Take it as a blessing, you can learn photography and art without them anyway. By the way they speak, you are being dragged down into the mud.

    There are other means of learning than hannging out with the self-proclaimed “photographers”.

    Besides, art is about the artists themselves, not the tools that they possess

  3. People write you, people write RF. Maybe some of them did
    both. Some said that it’s better that you are out of RF. for your sake. More said, for their sake.

    Some also said that they did not not agree with how RF treated you, but more said that it was the best thing to do in the light of the current circumstances.

    RF is aware of this. It knows even some of the people who did this. But they will not be kicked out. Because we know them.

    And BTW you seem to be in good company here. You’ve branded everyone at RF as the mean bad people. Your friends are doing the same too. And with relish. Based on your perception of just one or two people. People who were good to you (and were, until they saw how you stacked them, without discrimination, along with your personal contravidas), people who never were hostile to you, people who gave you answers unselfishly- are now
    rethinking how they perceive you.

    And congratulations. You are now guilty of the ‘sins’ that you accuse RF of. You’ve got more baseless accusations present here than there. It won’t be long before name-calling starts. Or has it started already? The thin veneer of civility is about to crack.

  4. Oh give me a break. You can’t even use your names. You make fun of lomophiles when they hide their plurks and yet when I leave everything out in the open you have disdain for that too.

    >>RF is aware of this. It knows even some of the people who did this. But they will not be kicked out. Because we know them.

    So it is an exclusive club, where opinions are given merit based not on their content but on how well or how long you’ve known certain people.

    Someone emailed me and said that RF was never meant to reach out to people, that they considered their knowledge a privilege of some sort. That’s fine, really, I have no beef with that. But either accept that RF is and was always meant to be a club for friends or open it up and accept that there will be douchebags and people who disagree with you.

    I haven’t branded RF as the mean, bad people. If any of you feel that way perhaps it means more about you than I. I branded them as the people who didn’t have the courtesy to read my post properly and have a discussion. I branded them as people who banned me within a few hours for being “suspect” and because my post reeked of “the other camp”. Why then should I treat RF with any more civility than they showed me? Why can’t I make blanket statements too? Let’s not be hypocrites.

    Also, I’d really appreciate it if you could send me my original post so I can post it here, and let people decide for themselves whether or not what I said was inflammatory or not. Of course if you’d rather hide it I fully understand.

  5. Do we really have to use our real names? What would the relevance be here? Unlike the lomoistas in those hideous plurks, we are people whom you’ve met both virtually and
    in the flesh.

    You know us.

    We welcomed you when you came in and introduced yourself.

    You met some of us at the Pasig River Ferry trip. You were welcomed there as well, even though if the invitation was originally extended to the people who were in one of those Saturday night gigs. It was suggested by one of the mods of RF, which you perceive to be an ‘exclusive club’ to post the invitation in the forum to allow others to join. Others like you. People like you who could not be physically present whom we would like to include in the RF activities.

    Some of us know you, as the new guy who almost fainted during that trip.

    Many of us answered you when you asked about things that were new to you, in the forum. Things like batteries and cameras, or even cross processing. The replies you got were generously given and were shared freely. You asked and you received.

    Now tell me, where was it that anyone made you feel so dumb and appear so stupid. I believe that was one of the points you made against RF. Were you able mocked for the way you posted there? Were you ever told that you’d have to be a member of a clique or RF cabal to access more information?

    Would that not be the reverse of what you claim to be RF is selfish with what its members know? Yes there is a sort of exclusivity in the forum. But then again, aren’t all other fora, newsgroups, and other clubs exclusive in one way or another?

    The ‘exclusivity’ which your informant told you (too bad he is as uninformed as you are) is just part of the picture. We at RF created the forum for many reasons. The core group afterall started as a club with real people whose names and faces we knew. We could have kept it as a closed club of just a few members. But it was growing, and the internet gave it an avenue for extension. You found us, you joined, and you were welcomed.

    You were invited to join one of the meets. You had reasons why you couldn’t. We don’t force anyone. But had you been in one of the meets, you would have had a grasp of the real, full picture of how RF really is. Outside, the perspective is truly limited. I can boldy say that most of your perceptions are wrong. If you don’t have the full scope of things, your conclusions can never be accurate. And you also said that you wouldn’t even change your impressions. And implied that nothing can. So even at that point, from a limited point of view you already had your conclusions about RF.

    The impression of us ‘limiting’ information and “making it exclusive” would have been different. You see, we have all sorts of people coming in. Some like you, some with other agenda. We have people from the other camp come in with
    the only purpose of getting info which no one on their side can provide. And yet at the same time fuel anti RF sentiments. Just how would you feel about someone biting the same hands which have just fed him?

    And as far as your original letter is concerned, I’m afraid no one has a copy of it anymore. You were the one who wrote it, so I suppose you should know better what it contained. You, before anyone else, therefore should have copied it.

  6. I really don’t have anything else to say that ‘RF Admin’ didn’t note already.

    Speaking for myself, you can keep this content up, that’s fine. I haven’t gone through everything, but I don’t think anyone has asked you take the posts down, right? Don’t apologize (re your most recent post)? I don’t think the group was asking for it, pero if you feel like that, sure we’ll listen.

    Let your blood simmer down over this issue. Give this a rest for a few days, and re-read what ‘RF Admin’ said.

  7. My original post was not anti RF. My original post was about how I felt that certain members were going too far in reaction to the actions of certain lomo loving individuals. I felt that just because these people stoop to a different level, that you didn’t need to do the same. It wasn’t entirely about me. The situation between the lomo people and RF disturbed me, even though I wasn’t really a part of it, so i aired out my concerns. Then I got banned.

    That’s the only reason I blogged about this whole thing, is that I felt like I wasn’t given a fair shake. Because I, as other people have said was “collateral damage”. I know how to start controversy, I know what buttons to push and how to shake things up. I don’t do those kinds of things because I honestly don’t see the point. So when I put out an honest opinion and I get banned for it, I get pissed. I’m sure you would be too.

    Oh, and one last thing. I SO did not almost faint during the pasig river ferry shoot. Maybe during the tondo session, where the heat almost gave me a heart attack, but the ferry was airconditioned and comfy!

  8. ***”We have people from the other camp come in with
    the only purpose of getting info which no one on their side can provide. And yet at the same time fuel anti RF sentiments. Just how would you feel about someone biting the same hands which have just fed him?”



    look o..

  9. So bird, did you just set that site up?
    It’s about as old as this blog entry.

    Is that your attempt to stoke more fires?


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