RangefinderFilipinas Closure

I’ve spent far too much time on this and stressed out too much over the perceptions of people who I will probably never see again.  I can’t help it.  I hate being painted as a controversy-whore.  Consider this my last statement on the matter.  I think I’ve fleshed out everything I have or need to say, and continuing this converstation can only be detrimental to my health.

If you are from RF and felt offended by what I said, I apologize for your hurt feelings.  I was merely reacting to what I thought was ridiculous and immature behaviour by people that I respected.  I held you to a higher standard, and I am always disappointed when people fail those standards.  I will not, however, apologize for seeking to start a discourse on a site which claims to be open to discussion.  I will not apologize for blogging about what I felt was crude and dismissive behaviour (ie banning me and leaving a flip remark instead of taking the time to talk to me).

I have a fucking life to live, and pieces of software that keep refusing to work (God damn you photoshop CS3, god damn you to hell).  If you’re gonna comment here at least try to make it original and for the love of god please man(or woman, as the case may be) the fuck up and use your real fucking names.


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