You don’t mess with the Zohatow

Fans of Judd Apatow who happen to walk into a screening of Zohan will be pleased that his writing makes the latest Adam Sandler vehicle just a little sharper than usual.  Also, people who know anything about world news, American politics, and tennis from the 80s (hello gaza strip, tapping Laura Bush, and John McEnroe!) will have a little extra something to enjoy.  I’m still a little embarassed/pleased that Aissa and I were the only ones in the cinema laughing at those moments.

Also, the Sulu is gay joke kinda flew over people’s heads.

Update: Dave Matthews is in the movie, as James.  No idea who that is, but I’m betting it’s one of the rednecks.


2 Comments to “You don’t mess with the Zohatow”

  1. Yup, Dave Matthews is the head redneck! I’m a fan of dave and was shocked that he had a major role. I think he and adam sandler are friends. I remember him doing a cameo in Chuck and Larry… wish he’d do more albums than movies tho.

  2. “Also, the Sulu is gay joke kinda flew over people’s heads.”

    That’s because not a lot of people here know what star trek is, let alone george takei…or the fact that he’s gay. So give yourself a pat on the back for being oh-so-culturally-savvy (as compared to the rest of the great unwashed who fail to grasp the “high-minded” wit of adam sandler).

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