The Junior Partner

There are days when I feel like the Mussolini to my more accomplished friends’ Hitler.  The Pippen to their Jordan, the Daffy Duck to their Bugs Bunny.  Case in point is my friend Chester Ocampo.  While talking to a fellow artist friend I mentioned Chester’s name and he said something like “ah oo kilala yun!” (oh yeah, he’s well well known), and now I find out that he’s broken into the comics biz with Freedom Formula #1.

What makes Chester even more awesome is that he does no marketing of any sort.  I mean, he’s not blatant about it like some other artists and media personalities are.  He’s just that good.  his art speaks for itself, as should any great artists’ work.

Off topic, I’ve never heard of Radical Comics before, but they have some very interesting titles.  I’ll have to ask local comic shops if they stock them.  I hope they do trades though, because I hate collecting singles.


2 Comments to “The Junior Partner”

  1. Hey! Is that Chester Ocampo from DLSU? I might know him.

    And you have your own cred, Mr. Escapist.

  2. Haha oo nga, but no one ever goes around saying na kilala ako. 😛 I think it’s good anyways, helps keep me on my toes if I have a perpetual infirority complex.

    I don’t kow if he’s from DLSU, basta he worked with paul before in spoon.

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