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It’s surprisingly hard totrack down “The Art of” books.  These are books that detail the creation of a movie or animated film, from rough sketches to polished concept art to the final cell/image.  I’ve been interested with them ever since finishing “Dream Worlds” by Hans Bacher, and have been itching to get my hands on a new one to study.  Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street had a good selection of film-based “Art of” books, but I was more interested in the animated ones like the Art of Kung-Fu Panda/Wall-e/Robots/The Invincibles.  I finally went home with a copy of The art and making of Star Wars: The Force unleashed, which appealed to me because a) I’m a Star Wars nerd and b) I’m looking to advance myself in the videogame industry.

So far the book’s been pretty awesome, and the amount of detail that goes into describing each concept art is mind boggling.  My one complaint with Dream Worlds was that Bacher could be very vague with describing certain things, so this is definitely a plus for me.  If you can get over the Hayden Christensen foreword and the ridiculously placed Trading cards (glued onto certain pages of the book), this is well worth the 1258 pesos.


4 Comments to “The Art of”

  1. Well better start saving up for Singapore. Basheer and Kinokuniya have art books up the wazoo.

    Not big on art books myself though unless they’re really good. But I’ve also got my eye on Kung-fu Panda. This one looks sweet too

  2. >> Hayden Christensen foreword


  3. I’ve some “art of” book reviews on my blog, with pictures. You might be interested to check them out. Stuff like Kung Fu Panda, Pixar movies, etc etc.

  4. Hey, very very cool, I love the Science fiction book and the art of kung fu panda. I fI buy them on amazon I’ll do it through your affiliate link ;).

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