Life works in mysterious ways…

…and everything happens for a reason.  These are the kinds of events that make these trite truisms suddenly make sense.  Sorry, let me backtrack for a bit.

Last Friday, I lost my phone in the meatgrinder that was the Oktoberfest.  The D900 wasn’t the best phone ever made, design or otherwise, but it was thin and I’d molded my texting habits to match it perfectly.  PLus all my numbers and messages were there so it was a pretty annoying situation to be in.  In addition to that, the phone globe gave me was the w270, which in all fairness was a decent phone, but Motorola’s UI just takes too long to get used to.After a day of sufering through that, I was annoyed enough that I started looking for second hand units online.

Lo and behold, I found THE cellphone that I originally wanted beore I settled on the d900, the Samsung P300.  At the time, the P300 was very hard to find and was being sold at ridiculous prices, like 20 grand upwards.  But now someone was selling it for 5999, which I bargained down to a neat 5 grand.  I got it yesterday, and it’s everything I thoguth it would be.

I wanted a phone whose design stood out from the crowd, and I’l be damned if this phone doesn’t do that, especially in the supplied leather case (which doubles as an extra battery pack, how sweet is that?).  Sure, some folks will knock it for it’s 80’s style calculator look, but personally I love its industrial design.  Strong, hard lines with no unneccesary curvature.  A brushed metal aluminum front  and no nonsense gray buttons.  And that sweet, sweet leather case that just completes the sophisticated and cultured yet masculine look.

For 5 grand, this is probably the best value for money purchase I’ve ever made!


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