Bulletproof Punk

So I bought the Bulletproof Monk TPB while I was in Singapore, since it was on sale for $5 and I’m a bargain bin whore.  I gotta say, it’s probably one of the worst written comics I’ve ever read.  Michael Avon Oeming’s art is terrific, but the writing really just smacked of Americans trying to sound mystical and Asian and shit, and the pacing was phenomenally bad.  You’d literally jump from one plotline to another and sudden emotional changes were forced upon characters to fit the plot.  I also partly bought it because the movie wasn’t half bad, but the storyline of this TPB had absolutely nothing to do with what eventually unfolded onscreen.

That said, I had a bit artist’s block yesterday morning, then I came to the conclusion that the first reason I watched the BPM film in the first place was the title.  It’s just an ear/eye-catching title.  Bulletproof Monk.  How can that not be awesome?  So I started to think of other words that might work work with “bulletproof”, and eventually settled on “punk”.  Then the image of a punk flipping the bird with a bullet in between his teeth came to me, and there you go.

It sort of ended up looking like a vertigo comic cover, so I played with that a little bit, making the title and added the “Wertigo” logo plus the number 1 (collector’s edition!).  So the lesson for today is that you shouldn’t shy away from shitty comics, because they just might inspire you.


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