Back to the drawing board.

I feel for you, former AIG and Lehman brothers employees.  While I may not have the proverbial box of shit to cart out of the office Jerry Maguire style, I too am recently unemployed with only the thought of “well what the fuck do I do now?” to keep me company.  With you, I share the same feeling of uneasiness.  A troubling malaise that while not overpowering, is just strong enough to ruin a perfectly good day.  It is the feeling that you’re no longer on top of the world, and that your bank account may not see a paycheck for a very long, long time.

This is not striking news, to be sure.  Hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs everyday.  But I think what makes this stand out the most is the fact that this is the very first time that it was not my option to be unemployed.  I usually quit, and made sure to secure another job before quitting.  This feeling of having the rug pulled out from underneath me is a little new, I must admit, and will take some time to get used to.


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