On Reproductive Health

So I signed the online Reproductive Health Bill petition.  I have an aversion to online petitions, mostly because I loathe the fact that it allows a bunch of nerds to put up petitions for anything they want, like bringing back Hal Jordan.  However, as Reproductive Health is far more important than Hal Jordan, I went ahead and did it anyway.

I am not scholarly enough to know all the ins and outs of the debate, nor am I inclined to be (mostly becaue I’m lazy, but also because I hate arguing with fundamentalists).  However, there is one thing in particular that irks me about the anti reproductive health argument.  They argue that population control is not the soution to the country’s woes, and them cite the problems of countries like Japan and Singapore with regards to the effects of a population control system imposed by the government.

For the first argument, I hate how they paint it as if pro-rep (for the sake of abbreviation) people are fucking idiots.  We do NOT think this is the solution to our country’s woes. We have multiple problems that will take multiple solutions/miracles.  The Reproductive Health Bill addresses ONE of those problems, which is that our population is growing at an alarming speed, and our economic development cannot keep apace.

As for using Japan and Singapore as examples of why population control is not a good idea, I have just this to say: I’d rather have their problems than ours.

If you want the facts on the Bill, read my girlfriend’s blog, check out the links, and then sign the petition if you think it’s a good idea.


One Comment to “On Reproductive Health”

  1. I know you hate large blocks of text but I compiled a facts sheet here.

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