Death Knight


This is for another contest at gameartisans, which is becoming my most frequented site for concept art inspiration.  I’m using a new workflow I’ve found which I like very much, as it allows or more speed and flexibility in coming up with concepts.  It’s also the first time I’ve actually considered making a tutorial of the process, jsut because I’ve saved up a lot of the images of the work under construction.

Not quite finished yet, and I know I definitely need to study up on armor and the like, because my armor design is pretty generic looking right now.

Edit: This wsa my final entry.  It’s still not perfect but it’s going as far as it’s gonna go.  Some mostly cosmetic changes wth the armor, basicllay adding more detail, and totally changing the sword.  Overall I’m happy, bt the quality of artists that this comp brought out makes me almost certain I’m nowhere near close to winning this.


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