Steampunk Aztec


This is for another competition, this time on cgtalk, about reimagining myths and legends in steampunk form.  I’ve been very interested in drawing a character based on Aztec art, so I’m going for a steampunk El Dorado.  These are just preliminary sketches of what a steampunk Aztec robot or armor might look like.  Right now it looks more aztec than steampunk, so I have to figure out how to work the steampunk aspects in.

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2 Comments to “Steampunk Aztec”

  1. That’s amazing!!! I have a little crush…chalk it up to a robot fetish. Check this link out, may be helpful as far as amping up the steampunk thang b/c he actually builds sexy steam-driven robots and gives a good DIY on drawing steampunk machines that look like their up & steaming.

    Good luck with this. It’s really very wonderful.

  2. OK, I have a steampunk-with-magic epic that’s a grand tour of an AU Aztec Empire, New York City, and Petersburg, and you got my attention. Really cool drawings.

    Suggestion: for a more steampunk look, make the zigzaggy elements into pipework, and the circular ones into gears. Then think giant robot armored suit (my thought on seeing these) and hydraulics, and what actual functional purpose these parts might play.

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