A Steampunk Sleigh, and some news

I love/hate the peer pressure that comes from viewing other artists’ work.  On the one hand it inspires me to make my work better and forces me to churn out those creative juices, but on the other hand there’s the inescapable feeling of smallness when you gaze upon talent that’s far superior to yours.  Still, at least I feel like I’m competing, and getting better, and that’s the point rally.  So I dithced my old idea of just straping rockets to a sleigh and calling it “Turbo”, and decking out a whole new design, the Steampunk Sleigh.  I’m quite pleased with it so far, but I’ll sleep on it and see if anyone comments on gameartisans before adding the pilot.  I’m keeping one of the characters from my former post, the one witht he aviator goggles.

I’ve also cleared out my deviantart account.  I’ve had a love/hate relationship with deviantart for a while, because it’s UI is just ridiculously outdated.  However there’s no denying its reach, and as much as I’ll hate taking 5 minutes to upload every single artwork, I’m hopeful that in the long run it’ll help provide me with a bigger crop of possible freelance clients.

Lastly, but probaby most importantly, Movement for Good Governance, a well…movement, that my girlfriend is heavily involved with, has made the front page of the InquirerMGG is mostly about educating the Philippine populace years before the elections, allowing them to make better decisions come election time (I’m sure it’s about much more than that, but my tl:dr syndrome kicked in again).  I’m extremely proud of her and the work that she’s done, and I can only hope that I can devote more time in my later life to activities like this, that help to make this country a better place for everyone to live in.


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