This is where peer pressure gets you


So the steampunk sleigh is almost done, and I must admit I’m quite pleased with the end result.  The funny thing is that the only thign that really made me crank up the creative juices was seeing the raw creativity at work over at the gameartisans forum.  For comparison, this was my first sleigh design:

I know, the evolution is astounding.  Participating in forums and online competitions is the closest facsimile a freelance worker can get to the energy that exists in a room full of artists.  My friends kept telling e before to post on the forums but I was always too lazy to and never quite got the point of it all.  I went to forums to check out tutorials and basically once I got what I needed I abandoned them.  Now I know that they’re much, much more useful than that, and in the absence of a good teacher, “hanging out” with a group of talented individuals online is the next best thing.


2 Comments to “This is where peer pressure gets you”

  1. man, thats one insane sled.

    With petrolium prices sky”Rocketing”, go for Rocket Sleds 😀

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