Rick Rocket has been released!


I talked about Rick Rocket on a post about delayed gratification a month ago, and now it’s finally been released!  I was asked by my client, Troy Hepfner of My Game Company, to make some more art for the game and expand it a little, and I convinced him to give me a shot at the UI as well.  I think that the game has benefited tremendously from these additions, and I’d be thrilled if you guys would check it out.  Like I said before it’s not a triple A game, and it’s probably never going to be talked about in games media, but dammit I can’t help but feel proud knowing that somewhere out there, someone’s playing a game that I helped to make, and they’re loving every minute of it.

If you have young kids and you’re worried about the games they’re playing, or you’re just tired of the blood and guts in video games (Lord knows I’m not because I do love me some Left 4 Dead) do check out My Game Company, who focus on fun and friendly games for kids (and adults!) of all ages.  And if you act now (ala those As seen on TV infomercials) you can buy 2 games off their site and get 1 free!  My Game Company also offers games from other developers, so that’s definitely a great deal.


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