Davy Baby

I’m kind of annoyed right now. So the latest mini competition for gameartisans is baby monsters, ie Paint your favorite movie monster as a baby.  I don’t really have a favorite, but I thought that Davy Jones from the Pirates movies would be interesting to draw, so I settled on that. I’m actually quite pleased at how the work has turned out, and I think this is some of my most polished work so far, but I made a huge mistake while updating on gameartisans.  They encourage you to post your work while it’s being done, to get critiques and whatnot and also to build up the community aspect of the site.  I usually downsample to 500×500 so my images aren’t hogging bandwidth (I do the same for this blog) on the forum, but this time I forgot to undo and go back to a 1000×1000 resolution!  That may not sound like much of a difference, but in general when you put up portfolio material art directors like to see more high resolution stuff, because the lower your resolution is the more artistic cheats you can get away with (which is why I thrived in mobile games for a while, where tiny pixel art hides glaring anatomical errors).  I’m going to try to salvage this by upsampling to around 800×800 and polishing it a little bit (1000×1000 is a bit much, the blurriness and artifacts are intolerable), but right now I’m too annoyed to go back and work on this piece.


2 Comments to “Davy Baby”

  1. Suggestion: instead of upsampling directly to your target resolution, kick up the image dimension incrementally (5-10% at a time) and use Bicubic Smoother as your resampling mode. This way, Photoshop is able to programatically preserve as much detail as possible. I learned this trick from my photography instructor, who used the technique in class to up-sample a 3-megapixel image to a 15-megapixel one.

  2. Oh thanks man, I’ll definitely give that a shot.

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