Google Sketchup for Pre-Viz


Google Sketchup is one of the most awesome things to come out of Google labs.  It’s essentially a 3d modeling application that lets you build buildings, vehicles, and whatever else you have in mind.  It’s supposed to be ridiculously easy to pick up and play and considering I have forgotten almost everything I learned from my brief flirtation with Maya I can attest to this. Massive Black supposedly gives Sketchup to its artists who are similarly 3D impaired and it allows them to quickly concept things like vehicles and space ships in far less time than it would take to learn a fully fledged 3D program.

I’m using Sketchup now to do some concept work for a client who wants to see some ruined cityscapes.  We went through numerous thumbnails where I was painting directly onto the canvas and frankly I was getting really tired already.  Then I remembered Sketchup and why I downloaded it in the first place, and within minutes I had a cityscpape thumbnails that my client approved.  Thanks, Google!


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