New Star Grand Prix released!

New Star Grand Prix has been released!  I worked on this game with Simon Read a couple of months back and it’s nice to see it finally getting the finishing touches.  Unfortunately, not all of the art there is mine, as I think Simon’s been hit by the recent Financial crisis as well.  We had to cut back on some art assets that he wanted custom made and he he had a go at the graphics himself.  Still it turned out quite well (VERY well I think, well enough to make me wonder why he needed an artist in the first place, but no need to question that eh?), and the game’s a lot of fun to play even if you’re not a hardcore F1 fan.

I pitched a basketball RPG (yes, it’s possible!) game to Simon a few months ago as well, and so we may actually be working on that in the coming months.


2 Comments to “New Star Grand Prix released!”

  1. Sounds good, Rye. Proud of ya. 😀 I can’t wait to see it in my own hands.

    I’d be all over a basketball RPG. I’d be way more over a tennis RPG, though. Now that’s good money.

  2. Thanks for the support man. You know I’m almost positive you could find a Japanese Tennis RPG if you looked hard enough…

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