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April 30, 2009

Get yourself registered!


I do not take politics lightly, nor do I like enforcing my political views on people who’d rather ignore politics.  But I would encourage everyone to at least participate in next year’s  elections by registering, educating yourself and then voting for your chosen candidates.  The effects may not be immediate, but if you look at how far we’ve come since 1986 you’ll realize that things have gotten better.  We can accellerate the process by being a part of the democracy we prize so much.

On that note, I’d like to invite anyone in the Makati area in the evening to “Gusto kong magrehistro, gusto kong bumoto” An event that tackles the youths’ questions on registration and voting to be held at 6PM in the Asian Institute of Management.  I won’t be there myself as I’ve tons of work, but I’m already a convert anyway, and will be voting alongside millions of people come next year.

April 23, 2009

Victorian Furniture


Bit of a teaser here, basically doing some test runs on drawing victorian era furniture.  Connected to the project I may be working on soon.  I say “may” because even though I’ve already received a contract, I won’t rest easy until I see some green.  I’m paranoid that way, what can I say?

April 22, 2009

Big things on the horizon?

Been absent lately, I know.  Lots of the ups and downs of life in general, but there’s something on the horizon that promises big things in the short term definitely, and bigger things in the long term maybe.  Can’t really talk about it right now.  Aside from legal reasons, I’m properly paranoid a deal will not push through until I’m (virtually) cashing a check.  Too many things can go wrong till then.