The 8500 peso DSLR


A lot of my friends give me shit about being so frugal, but this is one of those days that I love bing a cheapass.  So a few weeks ago I was windowshopping in tipidPC, and I saw an olympus E-330 body being sold for 6500.  Sure, it was a little beat up, but it was still working, so I messaged the owner about it, and managed to negotiate it down to 5500.  Still, I waffled a bit, since I knew I’d have to find a lens, which oftentimes is even more expensive than the camera body.  Luckily, I found a dude selling his Olympus kit lens for 5k.  We had a bit of a back and forth, until I ultimately decided I really shouldn’t be spending so much money right now, and shut the whole thing out of my mind entirely (well, not entirely, I’m obssessive about these kinds of things).

A few days later, the seller of the lens messages me saying that based on my reputation in tipidPC, he’s willing to sell and ship the lens to me for just 3k.  Who was I to refuse such a good deal?  So now I’m the proud owner of an Olympus E-330, which while it’s already pretty old, still takes better shots than almost any point and shoot camera (or rather, it makes it easier to take better shots).


4 Comments to “The 8500 peso DSLR”

  1. quite dirty lightbox you got there 🙂

  2. wow that is awesome! 8500? congrats on that new baby!

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