Robot Renaissance


Busted out another quick piece today to jar me out of my creative stupor.  You can only draw so many Victorian parlours and tea sets and countrysides I suppose.  Continuing the robotic streak I began last week, another humanoid robot, this stime sporting some strange Renaissance gear.  I think this was based on my reading up on the life and times of Nostradamus, who lived during that time period.  I’ve always found it interesting to think about what future technology would look like if you applied the design philosophies of the past to them,and this is a quick way to scratch that itch.  Fancied it up with some graphic designy stuff just to make it a little more presentable.


One Comment to “Robot Renaissance”

  1. wow, solid writing and stunning original artwork! kudos, man! have you seen the 6-storey gundam robot in tokyo? wonder if you’ve heard about it :

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