Town building

Thought it might be interesting to show a background in the making.  I’d gotten tired of doing interiors and more close up esteriors so to make things interesting I chose a really long view for this town scene.  It’ll take a lot more effort, but it’s a lot more fun to work with, especially if I convince myself that I’m a real Victorian town planner (note to self: possible game idea? :P).  Based on some reference material I decided on having the farmland in the background, the town in the middle, and the path leading to the town in the extreme foreground.

I was initially overwhelmed by how to lay out the town since I’m no good at the “drawing stuff randomly till something comes of it” school of art.  My mind’s scatterbrained enough already, so I need discipline, a guideline, to steer my art in the right direction.  I took a look at some layouts for old medieval towns for inspiration and found that it made more sense to me when towns were divided up into blocks.  Once I decided on breaking up the town into separate blocks everything started falling into place.  The chapel was at the center, and I laid out plans for parks here and there, and sections for shops as well (though they’re not labeled here you can see them next to the park in the center).

Granted, if I were a real Victorian town planner I’d probably have been fired because I laid out the blocks willy-nilly, but I guess the moral of the story is when you have a seemingly insurmountable problem, just break the problem up into sections and you’ll have a much easier time.


3 Responses to “Town building”

  1. There’s a Build-a-lot clone called Romopolis, where you build houses and temples in Ancient Rome. I’d totally play a Victorian one 🙂

  2. Wow so cool! I love city building games!


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