Ayala Rail Transit

As I stated in an earlier blog, I do love to play city planner, and a confluence of thinking about railways and the Ayala TechnoHub inspired me to lay out a fictional rail transit line spanning from Quezon City to Manila.

To start things off, in my fictional world, the Ayala corporation would decide to run their own Rail transit for the sole purpose of supporting the young UP-Ayala Technohub.  They realized that companies were hesitant to set up shop there because the location was deemed too difficult for their employees to commute to everyday.  First they tried using shuttle buses from the nearest LRT-2 and MRT stations, namely SM North and Katipunan, but they figured what the hell, we’ve got money to burn so why not start a rail business?

And so the ART was brought to life through the combined efforts of the Ayala companies and city mayors (HA!).   Beginning in the Ever Gotesco Mall on Commonwealth Ave and stretching all the way to the Blumentritt LRT-1 station, which by the way is near the Blumentritt PNR (our original rail network, supposedly getting a revamp) station.  Along the way the train would stop at UP-Ayala technohub (obviously, but also this gives access to UP as well), Quezon Memorial Circle, SM North (for interchange with LRT-2), Amoranto Sports Complex (randomly saw it on google maps, thought it might be a good station), and Mabuhay Rotonda (for access to UST and nearby schools/colleges).  Not only would this rail network ease the burden of commuters coming all the way from fairview, it also connects the MRT and LRT-1 lines while at the same time providing easier access to one of Metro Manila’s few green lungs, The Quezon Memorial Circle.

I know it seems ridiculous that I just spent an hour of my day dreaming up a fictional rail network, but for whatever reason it gives me a great sense of faux accomplishment thinking up ideas like this.  Now if I could only figure out a way to get paid to do this, I’d be set for life.

In case you’re interested, a larger image of the map can be found here.

Update: According to my girlfriend a similar route was actually planned by Mitsubishi and Ayala during the Cory administration stretching from QC all the way to Laguna.  Unfortunately, probably due to the usual politicking, it never happened.


One Comment to “Ayala Rail Transit”

  1. But but… this line is perfect! It links up the Ayala CBD with the heart of Quezon City, so it’s a win-win for both areas! 😮

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