Neo Shanghai Spy : Costume Design

I’m throwing myself into a bit of a creative frenzy these days, partly because my big project is done and a) I’m sick of the Victorian era and b) focusing on a specific style of artwork has led to the minor deterioration of my overall competency as an artist.  I just recently finished my entry for th ecomic-con contest, and while browsing the internet stumbled upon this contest at cgsociety called “Secret Agent”.  At first Iwas hesitantt o join becuse the deadline was so close  (September 10) and I didn’t have a proper concept but I remembered that I had painted two artworks before that could definitely used an overhaul, one of a female chinese secret agent in a qingpao and a sci fi girl with a cybernetic arm (I’d link you but I’m too lazy).  It’s a good experiment in seeing how far I’ve improved as an artist, and the verdict so far is I’ve improved substantially, but I’ve still go to a long way to go.

Anyway, a big part of concept art that doesn’t get talked about a lot is that you have to design clothes for your characters.  This is easy enough if you’re drawing modern characters or those that fit in a specific time period since you have easy access to reference material, but since my character is a mix of 1930s Shanghai and cybernetic future I have to find a way to mesh those two influences and make it work.  It’s a lot harder to do than most people think.  When it works it’s fantastic, but when it doesn’t …well, let’s jsut hope it does.  Clothes design is far from my expertise, and I’m finding it especially difficult to come up with something that looks good on the female form.  These are my first three attempts; standard qingpao with cybernetic arm, a more modern look with kungfu shoes, and a two piece qingpao with pearls and a princess leia-like bun.  The hair on these sketches are variations on the typical 1930’s style, and in future sketches I’ll probably play around with the hairstyles some more.

So, I just checked out the contest website and found out that the Image entries are only till August 8th, and the Video entries are til September 10th.  *facepalm*


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