Neo Shanghai Spy : Composition Sketches

As mentioned in the last post I made the foolish decision to join a contest that was already closed.  Seeing as I don’t have a lot to do these days though, I (after wasting most of the morning kibitzing and vacuuming the house) thought that I might as well finish the project if only for the experience.  I’ll probably go back to the costume design at some point, but for now I decided to do some quick compositional sketches to  figure out how I want to lay out my piece (ie where do I want the key elements like the woman, the bar, and the robot bartender).

Compositional sketches are also a fun way to loosen up when drawing, and you’ll notice my strokes get both looser and more confident as you move from sketch one to five.  I’m leaning towards sketches 3 and 4, but feel free to leave comments on which ones you like best.


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