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September 17, 2009

Frobot : Robot research

Since I’m going to be drawing a robot frog, I thought it would be apt to look for robots based on animals.  After doing a bit on research on designs from WE3 and all the way up to Voltron, I decided to take my cue from Yoji Shinkawa of Metal Gear fame.  His designs are totally bad ass, and I think they’d be a good starting point for my own final design for Frobot. I definitely want to veer away from the original frobot, which looked like a frog’s head grafted onto a metal, man-like frame.  I want to push the integration into the environment by having Frobot mk2 down on 4 legs.

As stated in the first Frobot post, the design has to take into account technological superiority using high-tech, industrial or futuristic design elements. So in addition to the previously mentioned artificial musculature, I’m also looking to have high powered solar panels at strategic locations around Frobot’s body, with a unique hexagonal design.  I originally considered Fission technology, but that feels like a bit of a copout and doesn’t really lend itself to fun design elements on Frobot’s body.  Anyway here’s what I have so far.  Real work’s been keeping me busy, so hopefully I’ll have a design finalized by the deadline!

September 11, 2009

Frobot : Frog research

Palit is one of the largest makers and distributors of videocards worldwide, and they’ve recently launched a contest to remake their unfortunately named mascot, frobot.  Since I have a bit of free time and I love using competitions as a way to force myself to both  improve my art and possibly win some prizes (A free 3 day trip to Taiwan, all expenses paid and a video card or two), I’ve decided to enter the Frobot II competition!   From the website:

The design of the Frobot II must convey environmental awareness through the use of a frog’s anatomy and green coloured elements as well as the  technological superiority using high-tech, industrial or futuristic design elements.

Now I’ve never drawn frogs before, and I’ve tried to block out the memories of cutting open a frog during high school to learn about anatomy.  So the first step for me was to do some research on frogs and do some quick sketches, basically familiarizing myself with frog anatomy and thinking about the color scheme I want to use for the final product.  I found that I’m a big fan of the color schemes of the tree frogs found in the Amazon forest, so I’m leaning towards using elements of those colors for the final design.  Looking at the musculature of the frogs will be also important for me, since I’m looking to replace what looks to a hydraulic system in Frobot 1 with a more flexible artificial muscle tissue (In line with conveying technological superiority).  Next up, research on robots and mechs because surprisingly, I’m no good at drawing those either

September 3, 2009

Neo Shanghai Spy : Lamps


I’m slowly trying to finish that Neo Shanghai Spy composition, in between work and games and crystalfuckery (those who know what I’m talking about will get a laugh out of this).  I need to do more of this kind of work really, and frankly sometimes it really is fun just looking at different references and drawing them but sometimes it can get a little tedious.

So here’s a bunch of lamps that will be used to light the bar in the final artwork.  I’m leaning towards the lamp with the white outline around the fake chinese symbol, but that’s actually more of a Japanese lamp.  I’m also not sure i’m I’m going to make them look “cybered-up” since I am going for a futuristic-noir look.   Ah, I’ll work it out eventually.