Neo Shanghai Spy : Lamps


I’m slowly trying to finish that Neo Shanghai Spy composition, in between work and games and crystalfuckery (those who know what I’m talking about will get a laugh out of this).  I need to do more of this kind of work really, and frankly sometimes it really is fun just looking at different references and drawing them but sometimes it can get a little tedious.

So here’s a bunch of lamps that will be used to light the bar in the final artwork.  I’m leaning towards the lamp with the white outline around the fake chinese symbol, but that’s actually more of a Japanese lamp.  I’m also not sure i’m I’m going to make them look “cybered-up” since I am going for a futuristic-noir look.   Ah, I’ll work it out eventually.


One Comment to “Neo Shanghai Spy : Lamps”

  1. I am so glad I’m not part of crystalfuckery hahaha. Nice lanterns, Chinese deco are awesome.

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