Ondoy donations : It’s a small world after all!

I wanted to write this quick post to thank two of my current clients, Kenneth Gangstoe and Michael Daley for answering my email asking for donations for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.  I feel incredibly guilty that I managed to get out of Ondoy with just a lack of running water and needing to move my car so I’ve been thinking of all the ways I can contribute apart from just donating goods (done last sunday) and time (been working at the balay expo cubo from sunday to tuesday).  My first idea was to contact all the podcasts I listen to and basically beg them for airtime to talk about Ondoy, and the second idea, which had more immediate results, was to email all my clients to as for a small donation.  Two of the first people to answer were Kenneth and Mike, so again I’d like to thank them and at the same time let them know exactly what their donations bought:

  • 100 cans of sardines
  • 100 cans of corned beef
  • 120 bottles of water
  • 50 pairs of slippers

I donated these to the Philippine National Red Cross Chapter office along Shaw boulevard just a few minutes ago.  This is a big help, but we can’t stop here.  Lots of people still need help and donations so if any of you do freelance work and have awesome clients like mine, please don’t hesitate to tell them about Ondoy and ask for a donation.  Thanks also to Tony Oakden and Paul Taylor for donating to separate aid agencies!

Tomorrow the members of IGDA Manila will be meeting for a casual meetup, and hopefully they’ll listen to my call for relief goods, and we can make a second batch of donations this weekend, before taking a trip to clean up Provident village.  Still lots of work to be done people, if you really want to get involved.


3 Responses to “Ondoy donations : It’s a small world after all!”

  1. Thanks Ryan. I’m pleased my small donation was able to provide some assistance. It is at times like these you wish you could do more and my thoughts and those of my family are with all those who have been affected.


  2. Awesome Ryan. You da man.


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