Frobot Final

So a few months ago I submitted a design for the Palit Frobot contest.  Ondoy happened in between, and I never did manage to post my final design here.  In rush of work both paid and volunteer I’d forgotten to check on Palit’s website to see if they’d chosen the finalists, until today.  First off, let me inform the reader who does not have a close relationship with me that I’m not a proud man.  I know my artwork is not the best, and I have learned to deal with being average when it comes to many things.  But for fuck’s sake I know my entry is better than this, this and this.  This one wasn’t even a frog!  Palit, why do you bother writing down rules and regulations when you don’t even bother to enforce them?  Where is the environmental awareness through the use of a frog’s anatomy and green coloured elements as well as the  technological superiority using high-tech, industrial or futuristic design elements present in any of these images?  I wouldn’t be so mad if I hadn’t actually put time and effort into researching for this piece, only to be outdone by a 6 year old with his first bamboo™ tablet.

Update: Thanks to willie, I also found out that one of the designs was a blatant ripoff of a Tekken character.  I have notified Palit of this in a very petty email, which does not deserve to be reprinted.


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