Lincoln Force

It all started innocently enough, with the Bombcast’s Ryan Davis throwing out a game idea that involved Abe Lincoln going back in Time to redo the rights that had been undone by some unknown nemesis.  his only companion would be the disembodied brain of John Wilkes Booth, his very own assassin.  Thus was Lincoln Force born!  The guys over at the giantbomb forums went apeshit over the idea, and there are talks about making an actual Lincoln Force Flash game.  My own contribution is minimal, as I cannot program to save my life.  But they’re free to use this “artwork” in any way they see fit.   I  do like how my Abe Lincoln punches JWB’s brain into enemies to vanquish them, at the same time extracting sweet karmic revenge on his killer.

Man did I need this.  The grind of client work was getting to me no matter how I tried to alleviate it.  Sometimes you just have to do something for yourself no matter how self indulgent or idiotic it is to regain some balance.  I learned this through the Giant Bombcast; listen to them so you may learn too!


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