It’s been a while since I’ve joined a mini-comp in gameartisans, and I’ve forgotten how refreshing it can be to work on something just for fun (and art nerd glory!) and not for a paycheck.  The brief for this competition was to design a robot made for hugging, which I stretched to “design robots that look so cute you want to hug them”.  Whatever, we’re artists right?  We can stretch the truth every now and again.  I was initially trying to design a robot that had a cuddly, bear-like look, which never really went anywhere.  My second design felt a little too Wall-E ish and so I abandoned that as well, but held on to the idea that i wanted to make a robot that didn’t look like it should be cute but was endearing nonetheless.  I then came across a bunch of robots on darkroastedblend (apologies but I can’t find the exact post) and hit on the idea of creating a bunch of minstrel bots ala the buskers and organ grinders (think  monkeys with hats) of the 19th century.   The above is the final product, and while I’m never satisfied with my work I do think it’s the best I’ve submitted to a mini-comp so far.  Here’s hoping I finally get a star (ie an award for 1st,2nd or 3rd place)!


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