Rifleman Concept Art

Some concept art for an post apocalyptic tactical strategy game being made by one anomalous underdog.  He was asking for help on the IGDA boards so I decided to pitch in to help him out and get some more concept artwork in my portfolio.

The first concept, “Bedouin”, is very much inspired by mujahideen and other middle easter freedom fighters/terrorists.  Since these people are used to living in the desert and living off of what they can find, it made sense to use them as a starting point. It was also important to me that these designs had a “story”, and that each accessory they had on them made some sort of sense, so I added the canteen (for holding water), the compass (for finding their way in the desert, although true bedouins probably have a host of other natural ways to do this) and a metal cup (for use when canteen water runs out and he needs to extract water from his urine), as well as a knife.

The second concept is directly inspired by games like fallout 3, STALKER, and numerous post apocalyptic movies.  To heighten the idea that these were people living off of whatever they found, I intentionally used mismatched camouflage for the jacket and pants.  This wanderer also only managed to find one usable army boot, so he wears a sneaker on the other foot but ties up his leg for symmetry.  I’m actually sure what real advantages symmetry would give a post apocalyptic wanderer.  This rifleman also carries a pot and assorted survival and cooking equipment in his messenger bag.  I feel that just because you’re living in a pot apocalyptic wasteland, that shouldn’t stop you from from preparing an edible meal for you and your comrades.


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