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June 20, 2010

Dino Ignacio

Sorry, no art updates, been a mad week trying to bust through some projects to make some room for a passion project.  But I wanted to write this after I found out an interesting bit of trivia.  Dino Ignacio was on the most recent episode of the Bombcast, where I found out that he’s been working on EA properties as a UI artist for games like Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno.  He’s currently the lead UI artist for Dead Space 2.  Dead Space was lauded for many things, not the least of which is its UI, so it’s really cool to know that Dino had a hand in making it happen.

Filipino readers of my blog will most probably recognize the name Dino Ignacio from the massively popular (at least locally) animated short “Maritess vs the Super Friends”, which he created with comedian Rex Navarette.  Maritess was one of those once in a lifetime cultural touchstones that almost anyone of a certain age group will remember, the likes of which are rapidly diminishing now that the internet has allowed people the capacity to fill in even the tiniest niche market.  It was also , if you’ll excuse my hyperbole, a work of underrated genius by two creative Filipino-American minds at the top of their game who imbued it with one of the most enduring of Filipino attributes: our ability to make fun of ourselves.     In many ways it was also  a satire on the way the world looks at Filipinos as domestic servants, with the snide return jab that we’re picking up after lazy westerners. My personal favorite was an encounter with Aquaman, who fell to pieces at the smell of Maritess’ cooking tuyo (dried fish).

I’m stoked that Dino’s still working on some great projects, and since he’s working on game development now I hope at some point I’ll be able to get in touch with him and get him to speak to the local game dev community.

June 9, 2010

Gentleman Dinosaur

“Well really, to think that all dinosaurs are uncivilized beasts is rather insulting!  I think I shall have a spinach quiche on the way home from the play to soothe my bruised ego.” – Zola Cotta Rex, after being called a voracious, meat eating monster while having his customary afternoon tea.

While drawing “Man versus Rex” the words “gentleman dinosaur” kept repeating themselves in my head, with a vision of a dinosaur in a dandy’s outfit.  I decided to draw him to get him out of my system.  About 90  minutes or so in Photoshop.

Edited: Felt he deserved to be cleaned up proper, so spent 30 or so minutes polishing him up.

June 1, 2010

Man versus Rex WIP

I’ve been checking out a lot of art blogs lately, and this man’s take on the year he took his craft seriously really struck me.  One of the key points he stressed was that you always had to keep your blog active, because a blog that looks dead tells an art director that you’re not doing a lot of work (ie no one’s hiring you).  Now I try to update this blog at least once a week but I’ve never really been good at that, and oftentimes I’m working on things that I can’t really show off, so I never know what to post.  I’ve resolved (ha!) to change that however, and so I’m starting with this piece up here.

This started out as an entry to a Frank Frazetta tribute competition.  Whilst everyone was drawing Frank’s barbarians and buxom ladies, I thought I’d be clever and draw something based on his sci fi material.  Clever me forgot to read the instructions though, which stated specifically that this tribute would focus only on Frazetta’s more well known fantasy barbarian archetype.  Nevertheless I felt like I had a good thing going here, and it’s been a while since I’ve really fully gone and made a showcase artwork for my portfolio; something that shows my level of talent and the kind of direction I want to go in.  Mostly, this was because of fear.  Fr the past year or so I’ve been drilling myself into getting work and working on the basics of illustration instead of focusing on showy pieces that would only highlight my lack of skill.  I was always afraid of coming out a year later not having improved one bit.  Based on my previous work I’d have to say I’ve come pretty far, but it remains to be seen how this particular piece will ultimately turn out.