Gentleman Dinosaur

“Well really, to think that all dinosaurs are uncivilized beasts is rather insulting!  I think I shall have a spinach quiche on the way home from the play to soothe my bruised ego.” – Zola Cotta Rex, after being called a voracious, meat eating monster while having his customary afternoon tea.

While drawing “Man versus Rex” the words “gentleman dinosaur” kept repeating themselves in my head, with a vision of a dinosaur in a dandy’s outfit.  I decided to draw him to get him out of my system.  About 90  minutes or so in Photoshop.

Edited: Felt he deserved to be cleaned up proper, so spent 30 or so minutes polishing him up.


7 Responses to “Gentleman Dinosaur”

  1. His “shoes” are hilarious!

  2. Almost thought you meant Barney.

  3. wow lovely art nice work guys

  4. I thought all gentleman dinosaurs have one of those pocket-watches. or gentlemen from that era at the very least 🙂

  5. Well he was quite upset while leaving the cafe so I believe he must have simply stuffed his watch all the way in one of his pockets. But rest assured any self respecting gentleman, be he mammal or reptile, would never leave the house without said watch.


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